Research Proposal Lisa Plattner

I wanted to research something that mattered to me. I wanted to find something that I could make a difference in.

I am switching careers to become a teacher so knowing teacher attrition is a national problem is something that is fearful for me. I decided to pursue this topic with hopes that I could be better prepared for this career.
I realized that this topic was so broad and impossible to research at the national level, so I combined it with a topic that matters a great deal to me, equality. I soon discovered, that teacher attrition was even greater in low-income schools with higher minority populations.
We are denying constitutional rights by not providing equal education. It was then, I knew what direction I wanted to take this research proposal.

The peer-workshops were very helpful for me. Seeing other students work and comparing it to my own, benefited me and increased the quality of my paper.

Once I completed the research proposal, I realized this is something that I want to see through. I want to find solutions.

Through developing this research proposal and guidance of Dr. Blanchard, I have strengthened my research skills. Completing the literature review and article analyses has given me the ability to look at data with a more critical eye. I will take this with me throughout the rest of my education and into my career.

I want to take the knowledge I have gained through this process with me and pass it on to my future students. I want to give them proper research skills.


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