The young droplets journey By: Aiden kelsey

My name is Firetail and I am living in this glacier as you can see. I have been frozen here for a few years and now I am melting! This is big, because I have never Been of this glacier in a few years(as I stated a little bit ago) and I am so hot from the suns heat waves. All of a sudden I realized I was running down the side of the glacier. I did not realize where I was until I looked at where I was stoping and sinking. I was in a river.

It was at sunhigh [ after noon ] i was floating along the river until I fell into a large place with lots of water. I wonder where Iam. All I know is that I got here by a runoff in the side of the river. I was looking around for a bit when I saw another person. I walked over to him and said... " hello my name is Firetail. What's your's? " asked Firetail. " my name is Eon." Eon told Firetail.

They try to talk some more but Firetail is evaporating!!! After a few hours I appeared in the clouds. I felt very heavy. Then I realized I am about to precipitate. I started to fall back down into the river where I started!

As soon as I hit the water I felt very hot. Then I began to evaporate again.

I had fun in the clouds, but it had to end when I fell in the soil surface.

Well, I'm here now, the soil surface. I'm slowly moving towards the plants , but I don't want to be on The plants. So as I slowly crept towards the plants, I got a Little worried.

I was a Bit scared about the plants because ants come and Take water droplets away. But as soon as sunhigh came I was falling down into a run off that was taking me straight to the ocean.

My Time here on the ocean was short for I was already floating up into the sky as water vapor. I was growing weak and I knew my time is gonna end soon. As soon as I reached the clouds,I was already very heavy.

Once I got into possession to rain, I felt my legs give way as my body fell out of the sky and fell out of the cloud back into the ocean.

I was falling to the bottom of the ocean and realized this is where my journey would end. It had been fun, but now it was my time to give in to the light.

The end

Created By
Aiden Kelsey

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