Florida Musuem of Natural History A'sja baker

Natural history museums are designed to immerse you in nature, to pique your curiosity about the natural world, and to display info about animals, plants, insects, and the history of Earth in ways that are enjoyable so you will remember.

Nature on Display

I found the butterfly rainforest appealing. I found the design of that exhibit to be appealing because I love and connection with nature. I allowed me to appreciate nature. The exhibit captured my attention was a love to be apart of the rainforest and butterflies, I love how colorful nature is. Colors depict various moods of certain things. I learned about the natural world from the exhibit that I did not understand through another medium is the background info of various butterflies and plants. My experience at the museum I found to be so enjoyable is that I was able to sit and think through my thoughts and I was live a safe haven for me.

Nature and Ethics

Leopold believes that conservation efforts are doomed to fail unless we learn to appreciate the land for more than just its economic value. He calls on us to “love, respect, and admire” the land, and he asks us to start viewing ourselves as members of the “biotic community” rather than as “conquers of the land.”

The Natural Museum provided me the opportunity to experience nature in ways that Leopold recommends. I feel as if I was humane of the society of nature but also, I did not feel as if I was an outsider.I sensed fresh air, unity and love. I think appreciation went through the museum. The museum instilled in me ethical responsibilities to nature as Leopold imagines. By conserving nature's unique treasures, we prioritize and be concerned that people should see nature as a home.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Heschel believes that we need to take time in our daily lives to connect to the eternal so we can recognize the mystery and majesty of the Universe.

The Natural Museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives. It assist us to take a leap into a world that is under appreciated and taken for granted. It helps us to better understand who we are and better appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world. A regular life does not expose us to nature, in which this will assists us as citizens to connect with the world that surrounds us. Also, it will allow us to realize that we are included in something that is larger than ourselves. The natural world is mysterious and its majestic and the Natural Museum greatly assisted with encompassing distinction.

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