How To Make Canada More Sustainable By 2041 BY:Hamaad


Canada's population is rapidly growing. Canada has let about 300,000 immigrants year. In the graph below it shows the graph starts of low and then it goes very high then very low then it goes up a little and is slowly rising. Canada's population is already taking up half of the graph and it is from 2010 if it was updated to 2016 the graph would be even higher. By 2025 i think the graph would reach the top.

The graph at the bottom is the total population of Canada from 1867 to 2002. The graph starts of low and rises a lot. The population starts of as 3 million and by 2002 it rises all the way to 35 million it increased a lot. The line in the graph is increases, if you continue this line you can predict that the population is going to increase by a lot. With the population increasing we will be using up more land also we will have more traffic and pollution.

Solutions- some things we can change is that we should stop making single family houses and start making more apartments with more apartments we can fit more family's at a small piece of land. A street with with 10 single family houses can hold 10 families, but if there was an apartment their it could hold over 100. so if we build more apartments we can fit a lot more families compared to what we can fit now. we could also find a way to do our jobs at home. if we can do our job at home less people would move to the city because they don't have to drive to work.

Physical Enviroment

Canada's has a lot of greenery compared to other countries, but the problem is that Canada's population is growing rapidly and since we are running out of space so we are destroying some of our open lands and building houses. one problem is deforestation. Canada has a lot of forests but to keep room for houses the city is cutting down whole forests. When they cut down forests they ruin all the natural land. Canada is full of natural land but because our population is growing we are losing most of it.

Solution- one solution I have is that we should plant most of the trees we remove back. so if we cut down 50 trees we should try to plant 30 back this way our forests will last longer. Also when the city planners are planning neighbor hoods they should plan a separate green area in neighbor hoods with plain fields and trees. Also studys show that when people live near greenery and nature they are more happy than people who live in the city with no grennery it also shows that people who live near greenery live longer too. so if we add a public nature park in new neighborhoods we are making people live a happier and longer life and we are saving trees.

Resource And Industry

Right now Canada has large amount of the worlds fresh water espicially north of Canada. Since Canada is on top of the equator it is cold so up north of Canada we get glaciers and the glaciers hold a lot of freshwater. The problem is that since we hold most the fresh water other countries want it too. so Canada does a lot of trading to other countries so that means we are losing the water quickly. The government said that a little over 1% of the water from the great lakes gets renewed. Another resource were losing is trees. As Canadas population increases a lot of trees get cut down because we need space to build more houses. one problem is deforestation. since we have little space left the government is cutting down whole forests for more space. This endangers the animals livng their and it also contributes to global warming.

Solution- a solution i have is that we plant even more trees or start making man made forests. With more trees we will have more oxygen and cleaner air, also as i said before with greenery we will have a happier and longer life. With man made forests we can control how big it is going to be and where it is going to be. the animals could be re located their and we can have all the other space for houses. Also we can add some cameras their and keep track of whats happening so if someone goes in there and gets hurt we can help or even if a animal is sick or hurt.

Livable Communities

One big problem we have in Canada is that we have a lot of traffic. When ever your on the highway it is always so crowded and slow. we can never get to our destination on time. another problem is that we have a lot of residential land use we dont have enough institutional land use. Canada is very multicultural but, we dont have enough places of worship. In our area there is a lot of brown people but there is only about one place of worship that everyone uses. since everyone goes there it gets crowded. Also there is a lot of schools getting built now. for an example near Jean Agustine there building another high school also near my house there is school and right beside it there building another school

Sulution- i think that canada should stop making a lot of schools and make more places of worship. Canada is very multicultrual so I think the citizens would like to have more places of worship too. also we should reduce traffic by making jobs at home. every morning hundreds of people in Canada drive to their work and then in the afternoon all of them drive back. that is what causes most of the traffic. if we can find a way to to our jobs at home that will stop hundreds of people from driving and the roads will be faster.

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