Utopia Erin

O’ brave new world




So many blissfully ignorant

Too much new,

O’ wonderful society

Filled with happiness and


But I do not want comfort

I want God

I want poetry

I want danger

I want freedom

I want goodness

I want sin

You’re claiming the right to be unhappy

The right to torture

The right to pain

The right to death

The right to instability

There was silence,

Dead quiet,

Then a whisper

I claim them all.

Words Borrowed from Brave New World by Aldous Huxley


Created with images by ryochiji - "metropolis burning" • Unsplash - "world trade center new york buildings" • Incomplexity - "Felicidad (Happiness :) ..!!" • jarmoluk - "old books book old" • skeeze - "volcano lava flowing" • geralt - "cross sunset sunrise" • ** RCB ** - "the good place" • Kilodk - "lake sunset water" • Der_Typ_von_Nebenan - "sea seagull bird"

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