War Pigs By Black Sabbath


1970 | Rock

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"Evil minds that plot destruction, sorcerer of death's construction. -- In the fields the bodies burning, as the war machine keeps turning. -- Death and hatred to mankind, poisoning their brainwashed minds."


  • Drummer Bill Ward's first memory of performing the song was at The Beat Club in Switzerland in 1968.
  • The original title of the song was Walpurgis. "Walpurgis is sort of like Christmas for Satanists. And to me, war was the big Satan", said bassist and lyricist Geezer Butler.
  • Geezer claimed the song was an anti-vietnam war anthem. Ozzy claims to have been unaware of that. It's just generally anti-war.


Luke Tatum

A true classic, striking right at the heart of the matter of war: "Politicians hide themselves away; They only started the war; Why should they go out they go out to fight? They leave that role to the poor." There's this weird love affair that the public seems to have with so-called war heroes, isn't there? People who fought in wars and survived are granted an exalted status, and it's considered a positive thing when running for office. John McCain is a recent example, but history shows us many. War Pigs, on the other hand, suggests that judgement waits for these "evil minds," who have plotted evil "just like witches at black masses." Whether you are religious or not, it can be satisfying to imagine there is some reckoning for the truly atrocious deeds committed by those with their finger on the trigger of the military-industrial complex.

Sherry Voluntary

War pigs has always been one of my favorite Black Sabbath songs. The imagery alone rivals some of the best fiction. As a teen, this song told a great story that dazzled me. Now, that I'm older and really understand the consequences of war, it fills me with dread. I think one of the most relevant lines in the song is “evil minds that plot destruction/ sorcerer of death's construction.” Whatever benevolent or seemingly just excuse the war pigs make, never forget, war is their business and those who will carry out their violence for them mean nothing more to them than the ashes after the battle. They are evil architects that thrive off of death and destruction. They call being in the military “service” but the only people it serves are those dastardly war pigs.

Nicky P

Oh boy yet another anti-war song makes the list. Are seeing a pattern and them in what we care about? I hope my feigned disgust isnt playing too hard because the truth is if there is cause worth talking about too much it's the murder being perpetrated on the behalf of you and I with our money. The state sure feels like a greedy little piglet trampling and devouring everything of value in our world and pushing for war to do the same to other nations. Greedy little pigs with insatiable appetites. My only issue with this song is that historically there wasn't much substance behind the witch hunts of history and I really don't want to think this is a baseless cause. This is real evil not a manufactured one.

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Nicky P

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