Aboriginal Civil Rights BY: Jake monson

Throughout Native Australian history the fight for civil rights has been a problem and still is today. The Aboriginal Civil Rights movement was the one of the most important movements in the history of the Australian people. Discrimination and the fight for Aboriginal civil rights in Australia has been going on since the 1800’s, or the introduction of the British imperialist to Australian soil.

The Aboriginal, African American as well as the Native American civil rights movement are very similar in many ways. For example, there were two women in Australia in a different version of the Rosa Parks story, Maryem and Tahere were two women in Aboriginal history, who also resisted segregation laws by refusing to leave their seat on a bus. Another example of righting racism was started with the formation of the group SAFA (Student Action For Aborigines) this group was focused on driving throughout Australia interviewing aborigines and spreading the word on their mistreatment and horrible living conditions. The Aboriginal people were also slaughtered and persecuted strictly for the purpose of removing the native inhabitants and taking over the continent for all its land and resources. All of these inspired mass movements for these groups as well as Aboriginal civil rights. One major difference in the Aboriginal movement compared to the others, is that there were not many leaders in the movement. It was mostly people standing up for themselves and accomplishing their goals. As a result of this, the government eventually realized their fault for the treatment of the Aborigines. For example, in 2008 Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd gave a formal apology to the Aboriginal people for the government's actions and any grief and pain caused by the British government.The Aboriginal civil rights movement was important to Australian History, shedding light to the unjust mistreatment of Aboriginal Australians everywhere. As a result of the movement today Aboriginal people are full citizens in Australia and receive the same rights. Today Australian Aboriginal people live in the native country with all the same possibilities and rights as everyone else.

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