Photos 2017

my name is dylan renihan and im an apprentice photgrapher

the rule of thirds makes the photo not centered on a certain object
runoff, rule of thirds, symmetry
these are objects that make the letters in my name
this is my tintype, i think the the digital photographic process has more merit simply because i had to create an old picture using something new and i think it came out really nice
this is my cyanotype ,and i like the way it came out because it took time and it looks nice, i feel like i couldve put in a little more work than i did, i printed this using chemicals and a UV box, yes the print was successful and i wouldnt do anything different
this is my kaleidoscope, i took this picture of a plant inside of my school guidance room
the process of making the force perspective picture was easy. i used rule of thirds. their was no specific idea. nothing could be improved this picture is perfect.[
i took this picture to mimic the style of Galen Rowell, his photos consist of a lot of contrast. the process was simple but the challenges was getting everything in the picture that i wanted. anything specific i would change would be the leaves and how the sky isnt as blue as i would like
the process was kind of challenging because i had to find the right angle to get the bricks and the waterfall in the image. i wouldn't specifically change anything in this picture.


Created with images by garryknight - "Dope" • La.Catholique - "Rule of thirds"

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