The Black Brand

Jan Black materializes the core truth of people, concepts, and ideas into various forms, such as books, brands, courses, explainer videos, manifestos, poetry, music, and art.


Kathy Wiseman

International Advisor and Expert in Integrating Family Systems and Family Wealth, based in Washington D. C.

"Jan not only helped me find my place in the market but has assisted me over the years in product and service development."

Family Wealth Sorting Cards created by Kathy, edited and designed by Jan, used by high level Family Wealth Advisors and Family Offices.

Kathy's array of media, including video stories of families and wealth, is used by the nation's largest financial services firms and family offices.


Benjamin Krause, J.D.

Attorney, activist, investigative journalist, legislative consultant to veteran's affairs, founder of DisabledVeterans.org, Armo Press, and Krause Law, PLLC, and author of The Vet Set Guides. His law firm represents clients in Veterans Benefits Law matters. Based in Minneapolis.

Ben has a strong media presence and his direct work with veterans, as well as his investigative reports, is credited for recent VA improvement efforts and with saving lives.

This book was envisioned during Ben's first session with Jan. It has educated thousands of veterans in navigating the loopholes of the VA to obtain the benefits due them.

Ben became an attorney after several years of being a voice and activist for disabled veterans because he saw that his ability to scale his impact on their behalf would increase with a law degree.

“When I came to Jan I was struggling and actually losing jobs because I kept challenging authority. Now, after working with Jan, I get paid to challenge authority. In our first session, she was able to help me see myself more clearly and integrate it with my undefined passion to help disabled veterans. Within a couple of hours, the vision was cast for my company, including its name, tagline, and first product. That vision has materialized, and more.”


Margaret Marcuson

Margaret Marcuson had one desire when she came to Jan. "I want to be read, quoted, and impact faith leaders in a big way."

She has done all of that, and more. Jan led Margaret into envisioning, naming, and forming her company and brand, including product offerings. Marcuson Leadership Circle, named and suggested by Jan, has grown to include faith leaders from around the world. Her readership, quotability, and invitations to speak and teach have Margaret living her dream.


Marydee Sklar

Marydee Sklar, Portland, is prized for her work in bringing Executive Functioning education and skills to students, families, educators, and practitioners internationally.

Marydee engaged Jan early on in her decision to form a company, to clarify a vision, brand, presentations, and products. She has continued to bring Jan in as her work scales and evolves. In their last session, Jan facilitated a new layer of language about Executive Functioning for specific audiences, which Marydee is integrating with great success.


Lenora Boyle

Lenora Boyle coaches men and women past limiting beliefs and into la dolce vita. Her work integrates her deep training with her own style and experience. An American-Italian who holds a dual citizenship, Lenora's annual Italy Retreats for Women are a life-changing blend of travel and breakthroughs.

Creativity, intuition, intelligence and Jan’s lifetime of experience places her high on a pedestal. She was able to truly see me. She listened deeply and brought out the essence of what my life’s work has been all about, which is living la dolce vita, the sweet life. She is a wordsmith and a magician with ideas. Jan is so easy to work with and made me feel like anything was possible. As a result of her branding advice, I am more proficient and productive in my marketing and in living my life’s purpose. I highly recommend that you call her now!



Boston-based radio show host and music connoisseur TK, shares music you might otherwise miss. Formerly a Maryland roofer, TK's love of sharing music is now his life.


Greg Faxon

"When I first crossed paths with Jan, I had been coaching for a couple of years and was having real trouble articulating my 'onliness' - what made me different from other people in my industry. When I first learned that Jan’s core brilliance was all about helping people see and articulate this, I was excited but also a little hesitant. I felt like I had been running around in circles for so long on my own. But from my the very first conversation with her I was blown away at how she was able to draw out of me what my closest family and friends would have had trouble distilling. The word that we eventually came up with, ChampionMaker, actually became the name of one of my favorite offerings. Even as my business continues to evolve and pivot, what Jan has given me is a compass with which to navigate. My business hit six figures in sales last year and Jan was a huge part of that. I would absolutely recommend Jan to anyone who is having trouble finding the through-line of their brand and needs a creative partner to help them get clear…not just about who they are in business but about who they are as a human being."


Jana Stanfield

Jana Stanfield, International Recording Artist, Speaker, and Co-Founder of Together We Can Change the World. Her music has been sung by artists such as Reba McIntyre, and Jana has appeared on Oprah and TED X stages. Her signature song, What Would I Do Today If I Were Brave, inspires audiences around the world.

"Jan Black’s words, her ideas, her experience, her skills are difficult to imagine until you see them in one package called Jan Black. This woman has given me more ideas for my work than any other person in my life. She has powerful magic inside her that she is using to help us turn our scattered ideas into a mosaic that is beautiful and makes sense."



The Courage Vibe inspires and equips families to live brave, give big, and have fun. The idea for the company was seeded by the low-budget, high adventure nine-month backpacking trip around the world taken by the Temple-White family. Their experiences not only globalized them but mobilized them to encourage other families to use shared experiences to upgrade their connection, conversation, and legacy, particularly families with teens wanting to bust the myth that life with teens can't be fabulous.


Cory Davis

Cory Davis was a supplements industry insider for ten years. He came out the other side knowing what the rest of us don't about what's really in the supplements we are taking. Now he is the Supplements Coach, an independent third-party voice that is steering people to clean supplements and more robust health.

"From her clarity hacks to her ability to bring out the core brilliance of clients and those around her, Jan Black is a creative genius visionary that you need to know. A published author and creator of Ludi-Q's, a tool to decode the unspoken ludicrous questions that effect human beings on earth, Jan shows us that she's a matriarchal pioneer of the new frontiers facing our spirited, evolving generation. She has been pivotal in my entrepreneurial craft by helping me discover the language, symbology, and concepts that signify my unique character as an internet publishing entity and has become a dear friend in service of the higher good in life."



Character Development Curriculum written and art directed by Jan Black. Nearly one million copies sold worldwide, translated into three languages.
This book has sold over 30,000 copies. Jan is re-writing it as inoka/now, due out in July, 2017.
Jan is completing the re-write of It's Not Okay Anymore (inoka), titled inoka/now - get clear, get safe, refresh. inokanow.com
Better Boundaries has sold over 35,000 copies, published by New Harbinger Publications.
Abbey Richter, an animal-loving 10-year old, told Jan these stories of her pets and they wrote and designed them into these books. A fifth book is on its way.
Riley Temple wrote and designed this essential handbook for international backpackers, and Jan edited it.
Jan edited and helped develop the book's content for author Jody Temple White, Co-Founder of TheCourageVibe.com.
Jan's product, Ludi-Qs (ludiqs.com), helps decode unspoken ludicrous questions. This book is the official guide to Ludi-Qs.
Author Steven Johnson looked to Jan to be the developmental and content editor for this insightful and relevant book.




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