Good Life Tour of the Harn Amanda Holloway

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

It took standing in front of this "Chinese" style fancy dress to realize the beauty of it. If I had just looked at a picture of the creation I would not have noted the intricate details or really appreciated the way the colorful pieces of mesh were merged together to create such a vibrant design. Witnessing this artistic costume piece in person allowed me to visualize what fancy dress entertainment masquerades were like and to understand more of the culture behind the creation of the dress. The artwork made me feel alive with its brightness and communicated to me that it only takes some cotton and nylon zipper to make something extraordinary.

Design of the Museum

When I typically walk into a museum, I look only at the art as that is what is on display. However, the layout of the Harn and its exhibits made it so I was not just enjoying the art but also getting enjoyment from the design of the building itself. The wing shown in the picture particularly caught my eye. The area was so open, with light flooding in, perfectly highlighting the Asian themed art that was strategically placed around the room. As I appreciated the art itself, I could not stop glancing out the window at the adorable garden with a miniature waterfall. The whole exhibit made me feel free.

Art and Core Values

This piece called "Funeral" really evoked the emotion of sorrow in me. Of course, the sorrow is rooted in the fact that the portrait is one of a human being buried after dying. I looked at the piece and I could feel the sadness that the gatherers of the funeral felt, as I too have had to stand by and bury someone. The portrait made me remember the funerals I have attended and reminded me that there will more to come. It brought to surface the feeling of fear and the question of who I would have to bury next. Due to the combination of sorrow and fear that I felt by witnessing this piece, I better understood to live each day to the fullest. I know now to cherish everyone I am blessed to have in my life because I never know when I will have to attend their funeral.

Art and the Good Life

Looking painting in the Harn, I knew instantly what I wanted to achieve in my life and what could really make my life "good". This portrait is one of an oat field that looks almost identical to the piece of land I grew up on. Perhaps it was nostalgia, but the portrait made me feel serene and calm. It highlighted my need for nature and freedom in my life. I could imagine myself running through the oats, or laying down in the midst of them while feeling the wind and sun on my skin. I knew that if I did not have at least one of these moments or something similar to it in my life, I would not have a good life. Through this realization, I realized that the themes of freedom and nature are ones of importance to me and ones that I should try to always include in my life.

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