Little Big History Project By: paxton Felderman

The game of basketball has been around for almost 120 years. It started off as a simple PE game at a YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts to a game that is played worldwide (USA, Canada, China, Philippines) . About 2.2 billion people play the game of basketball. Basketball is important to the global society because of how many play the sport. It is viewed on live Television. You can play basketball both indoors and outdoors, and that's an advantage because not very many sports have both indoor and outdoor facilities. Basketball works all of your muscles and you get a great workout in while playing the game.

Dr. James Naismith

In Big History we have learned about all of 8 thresholds starting from the big bang all the up to the modern evolution. In these thresholds there has to be Goldilocks Conditions. These conditions have to be perfect in order for something to happen. These conditions happen in our everyday life and it can affect something big like the big bang or something small in the process of building a basketball. Threshold 5 is life on Earth. In this threshold it talked about the evolution of animals, extinction of animals, and then into what early humans looked like and what they had that every other living organism didn't have. This was the process of collective learning. Since we are the only animal to have collective learning we are able to dominate and take over the world. Collective learning is in threshold 6. Before threshold 5 is threshold 4 and that's about our solar system and early stars. The threshold that really starts up the human race and brings the population up is threshold 7 and that's agriculture. A basketball has have all of these thresholds in order to be invented or created.

Threshold 4 & Conditions
Threshold 5 & Conditions
Threshold 6 & Conditions
Threshold 7 & Conditions

In threshold 4, the solar system and the early stars brought us new chemicals. These new chemicals are used and are found all over the world. We are able to make new products out of the chemicals. Basketball needs the inner rubber in order for someone to dribble it. In threshold 5, there is life on Earth. Without the first little living microorganisms, us humans wouldn't be here today and neither would any of the plants and animals. Animals can be used to make the skin or leather of the basketball. This skin could come from pigs, horses, or cattle. Threshold 6 is the biggest reason on why we have all the high technology that we have today. In threshold 6 we have collective learning. Collective learning is the ability to build knowledge on what you already have. Without collective the game wouldn't be the same as it is today. For a basket we would have to use peach baskets, the ball would be a soccer ball, and the backboards would be metal and steal. We were able to change the way the ball looks and how to make newer equipment for the game of basketball. In threshold 7 it brought us agriculture. This is when we changed to a farming way instead of hunting and gathering. We were able to create new tools and gain/build on our collective learning. During this time we domesticated animals and it made life a lot easier and we got a lot more accomplish. Since this is where our collective learning became greater, it allowed a door to be open for new things to do in free time. Fortunately, basketball was one of those new that were created and things to do.

The game of basketball has brought in a lot of money over the years. About 50% of this money goes to stadium keep up, training and coaching staff, the players stipends, and the equipment that is used. The other 50% is used to go towards paying the players. If they go over the cap they are taxed. When they pay these taxes the money goes to the state. Also when a team comes to a state, it produces more jobs. The teams also bring in more money from the merchandise. This money will ultimately go to the state as well. The culture and how the game is played around is different. There are differences in the way the game is played internationally and in America. The big rules that have been changed from NBA ball to FIBA ball is goaltending and fouls. These can affect how long a player can stay in the game and how many points or rebounds one can get in a game. There are different ways and forms of playing basketball. One way is to play professionally. These people play as a way of life and a way to earn a living. Another way is to play pick-up games where you can win money. In some places this is known as their job, but most of the time this is what people do for to earn a little more cash. Finally, there are college players. These players play to maybe make it to the next level and play professionally, while others play just to play. The culture of basketball has had a big impact on people who play it. It teaches people how to worked together and most important it can bring out a leader out of someone and they keep that with them for the rest of their lives.


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