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Looking for an alternative summer program because of COVID-19? The BestFitU workshop is for you!

This virtual, collaborative and exploratory four-day workshop will help students explore their strengths, identify career interests and skills, learn how to apply identified traits to their college application and work with others on dynamic and engaging group projects. Students will receive a personal assessment, keywords to utilize on their resume, and exclusive workshop takeaways for exploring careers of interest.

  • Space is limited to 12 students per session. Don't wait!
  • All 2020 sessions are CLOSED
  • Recommended for students who have completed sophomores, juniors, seniors, and college age students.
  • Contact info@BestFitU for scholarship opportunities.
As the parent of a student we found BestFitU extremely beneficial for our Junior. For a small amount of money our son took the survey and found the results to be extremely comprehensive. Deciding a career path is daunting at any age and BestFitU provided a summary of results that helped our son connect the dots for his anticipated college curriculum. I would highly recommend the program. The investment of time and money on a 2-4 year college curriculum is significant, a little science along the way to further ensure long term success is a no brainer! - Larry Chatt, Holmes Beach, FL

Identify your aptitudes, interests and values to match with BestFitU career paths.

Utilize your personal traits to develop a strong resume.

Explore potential careers and majors with filters based on your individual results.

Spend time on self-reflection through exercises in the BestFitU Student Workbook.

Use BestFitU results throughout your college experience to apply for leadership positions, jobs, and internships. And re-use for graduate school applications.


Debra Landesberg | Maria Pickett | Lisa Godwin

Debra Landesberg is the President of My College Resource and has a Master of Science in Continuing Education/Counseling and a Certificate in College Counseling. She guides students through the search, preparation, application, and financial aid processes for colleges and universities throughout the state and around the country. For full bio, CLICK HERE

Maria Pickett has a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and has worked to guide students through their college journey with My College Resource since 2016. For full bio, CLICK HERE

Lisa Godwin has a Master of Arts in School Counseling. She spent the last five years working in higher education as an assistant volleyball coach and academic mentor before joining the My College Resource team in 2020. For full bio, CLICK HERE

Out of adversity comes opportunity - Benjamin Franklin

Discounts available for existing My College Resource clients. Interested in scholarship opportunities or group discounts? Contact us to discuss options.

BestFitU is hosted by the college counseling experts of My College Resource. My College Resource is located at 4169 Clark Road, Sarasota, FL 34233.

Email Info@BestFitU.net or Call 813-230-8992


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