Town of Chase

Town map.

8481 County Rd S Pulaski WI 54162

Issues/Events Meeting Minutes

Bobbie’s Krozell submitted report stated there were 9 building permits. There were 7 emails and 9 calls. There were 25 new homes for 2016.

Dennis Kroll- Approved a certified survey map and an update was given on the lights at the Stone Barn Park.

Norb Reinhard- Park Commission hosted a drive through booyah at the Stone Barn Park. The lighting for the Stone Barn parking installing soon.

Dennis Kroll- Discussed lowering the speed limit to 45 mph on Lower Road and Mapleridge Circle.

A event that was controversial was the voting on the fire truck. The voting was deciding whether or not we should buy a new fire truck. Chase was the only municipality to vote "no" on the subject, because it was to much money. I disagree with the vote. Public safety should be at upmost importance. The fire truck could save so many lives that a few extra cents makes it worth it. The Town of Chase should have voted "yes". Thankfully, the other municipalities in the area passed it, so we will still get the truck.

Chase was established on April 15, 1873 as St. Nathans. The name later was changed to Chase on March 20, 1890. The town name was after Chase & Dixie Sawmill in 1867.

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