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Here is my Spanish portfolio for Spanish 4. Through all of this evidence, I hope to be able to show you how I have learned and progressed throughout the year in this class. Enjoy!

Here I showed strong use of narration in the past. I know that this isn't great evidence, because I worked with a partner on this, but I believe that we both put equal work into making this story. I am able to use multiple different tenses and multiple complex sentences. I am also able to jump around in time while still maintaining a clear progression through time and space. This would fall under the presentational skill-set, because it involves conveying a message to the reader, and under the text skill, because it is written, not spoken.

This is a video of my Ted Talk about the benefits of being in nature. This would also fall under the presentational skill, and the speaking skill. Here, I am able to do two things. First, I open the Ted Talk with a story about my childhood. It is able to grab the attention of the listener, keeping them intrigued and wanting to hear more. The second thing is that I'm able to lay out an argument with several specific points, moving through it in order, and then end it by summarizing all of what I have said so far. I wrote this Ted Talk like an essay, with a new paragraph for each point, and I think I was able to achieve my goal and produce a good argumentative speech out of it.

This is a blog post I made discussing a video we watched. This is a short analysis, but it demonstrates how I am able to successfully comprehend native Spanish speaking, and furthermore, how I am able to analyze other texts and make arguments for and against them. I would categorize this as interpretive (because I interpret other Spanish texts) and interpersonal, because I analyze and talk about this text.

This is a summary of the first part of the movie we watched in class, titled "La Lengua de las Mariposas." This is great evidence of my ability to understand and remember how events happen in Spanish, similar to the evidence above. I'm able to correctly analyze and summarize the movie, in a comprehensible manner. Then, I give my own opinion on it, and pose some questions about what will happen next. This would fall under the interpretive and presentational skills, because I comprehend the movie and process it and present it in Spanish in this blog post.

Here, I summarize three texts that we read in Spanish. This is an excellent example of my use of new vocabulary from the unit, because I am able to correctly use the vocabulary to my advantage while describing these texts. This falls under the interpretive and presentational categories.

In this homework assignment, we were tasked with writing recommendations to someone else in the class. I wrote to my friend Elliott about how to become better at climbing, which is a relevant topic in both of our lives, because we both climb. I was able to use completely new verb tenses, and successfully promote an argument and provide some specific points. Although Elliott does not say anything here that I respond to, I would still classify this as interpersonal, because I am judging things about his character and his interests and giving him recommendations based on that.

This is my conversation with Abbey and Rowan for our interpersonal IPA assessment. We have a discussion, and I respond and answer questions. Here, I am using vocabulary from the unit, and also helping facilitate our discussion by following up on what other people say. My interpersonal skills have progressed since this point, and I am much more confident speaking Spanish (which I have tried to demonstrate in class) but here I still employ a lot of these techniques to help the conversation. This was just the newest video I could find of me in an in-class discussion.


Throughout this year, I have learned a lot of Spanish. I have learned new tenses and vocabulary, but I have also progressed a lot with my Spanish skills. I am much more comfortable speaking, writing, and understanding Spanish than ever before, and I hope I have been able to demonstrate this fact with the evidence I have provided! Thanks for reading.

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