ScriptPartner™ Bringing aspiring Artists into the Netflix age

ScriptPartner is a Limited Liability Corporation that maintains an extensive online presence. We are an online database and limited social media network designed to connect aspiring writers of stage and screen with both one another and potential producers who may help them bring their works to life.

ScriptPartner aims to combine the elements of a sharing website with that of social media connectivity and online journalism in order to create a climate

The first group is writers who would like to showcase their material. It may be for films, television programs, even stage productions. All are welcome, across lines of age, gender, race, etc.

The second group are potential producers seeking to provide any sort of support to a production idea - financial support, in-kind contributions, or advice/guidance.

To achieve this, ScriptPartner combines the structure of a file sharing/reading website with the basic tenants of a social media platform.

Sample of ScriptPartner layout.

ScriptPartner is unique in that it not only serves as a host website for scripts, but it also provides the ability for users to copyright their material via the US Copyright Office for new writers and the WGA for established ones.

Many aspiring writers are often hesitant to share material online due to fears of having their ideas stolen. This copyright protection availability remedies that and provides a safe space to upload materials.

Connectivity between Artists and Producers

Another way that ScriptPartner is unique is that it aims to connect those two tiers together - the aspiring writers and producers. Similar to LinkedIn, messaging, contact information, feedback, etc may be exchanged on our site to foster real-life connections that may lead to a production.

Successful interactions will be reported on our website and used in subsequent marketing. Stories of success are what will sell the legitimacy of ScriptPartner.

Storyboards, Concept Art, and Show Bibles are also welcome.

ScriptPartner's content is also not just limited to scripts - storyboards, concept art, and show bibles may also be uploaded to draw attention to an artists project or profile.

Membership is split between Producers and Writers. The Artists rate is higher due to producers already having easy access to scripts/ideas, and because the artists are paying for more exclusive access.

Our Target market is split as well

ScriptPartner is an LLC with aspirations of becoming a B-Corporation - held to an independent set of standards. We are confident that we are able to meet the performance and legal requirements to become officially certified as a B-Corp.

  1. Eliminates the need to have a friend of a friend in the industry.
  2. Provides fresh source of ready-to-read materials for producers with oversaturated Hollywood/studio scripts.
  3. Open to all parties - you don't need to be an established writer or producer to join.
  4. You also don't need to be new to the industry (see below).
  5. Anything can happen within this field.

Established directors like John Carpenter, Gus Van Sant, Lexi Alexander, and Ava DuVernay started off as independent visionaries and still maintain ties to the independent film industry today. Figures such as these may be excellent spokespersons for ScriptPartner.


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