Time for Your Transition The Hidden Curriculum, Episode 10 | Class of 2024

What comes next?

Congratulations, you made it to the end of your first year at RPI! All of us in the SoE Hub have loved advising you and being a part of your first-year experience. As you have heard us say many times throughout the year, you will be transitioning to your faculty advisor this fall. So, what does this mean?

1) Your faculty advisor will be the sole person who can remove your SAM hold moving forward. Every spring, the SAM hold will prevent you from registering for fall classes until you meet with your advisor. Starting sophomore year, this power will transition to your faculty advisor. So, ensure you meet with them at least once a year in the spring, but once per semester is strongly advised!

2) You now have a mentor in your field! While your Hub Advisors were great resources for curriculum information, the in-field knowledge is where faculty advisors truly shine. They can guide you towards opportunities for your interests including appropriate upper-level electives, research opportunities, ideal companies for your goals, and more! Make sure to prepare some questions for them about these topics.

3) Depending on which department you are in, you will have an additional staff advisor for upperclassmen that you can contact. If you are in ECSE (Electrical or Computer and Systems Engineering), Rama Hamarneh is available in addition to your faculty advisor for the types of questions you once asked your Hub advisor (course scheduling, HASS requirements, duals, minors, etc.). If you are in MANE (Mechanical, Aeronautical, or Nuclear Engineering), Kate Stockton provides the same services as mentioned for Rama. More about them in the graphics below!

Meet the Faculty Advisors!

Information about your specific faculty advisor (and staff advisor, where applicable) was emailed to you. However, we have created this directory so you can have another place to find the information AND have the opportunity to look up any advisor in case you switch majors (and by extension, advisors) between now and the fall semester! To find your advisor quickly, use Ctrl+F to search their name.

Aeronautical Engineering

Dr. Kurt Anderson

Dr. Jason Hicken

Dr. Keith Taylor

Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Mariah Hahn

Dr. Uwe Kruger

Dr. Deanna Thompson

Dr. Xun Wang

Dr. Pingkun Yan

Chemical Engineering

Dr. Sangwoo Lee

Dr. Jonathan Dordick

Civil Engineering

Dr. Omar El-Shafee

Dr. Cara Wang

Computer and Systems Engineering

Dr. Tianyi Chen

Dr. Ali Tajer

Electrical Engineering

Dr. Derya Malak

Dr. Michael Shur

Environmental Engineering

Dr. Raphael Rodrigues

Materials Engineering

Dr. Rahmi Ozisik

Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Antoinette Maniatty

Dr. John Tichy

Dr. Shankar Narayanan

Dr. Kyle Wilt

Dr. Daniel Walczyk

Dr. Mamadou Diagne

Nuclear Engineering

Dr. Hyun Gook Kang

Dr. Shanbin Shi

And that's it!

We hope you enjoyed your summer, and we wish you academic success in your future semesters here at Rensselaer!

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