Achievement Motivation What IS IT?

Achievement Motivation:

Defined as "the drive to perform at high levels and to accomplish significant goals."

This is what drives our desires in life to achieve our goals and work hard to get there.

Approach Goal:

Like an oncoming train and approach goal is defined as being an "enjoyable and pleasant incentive that a person is drawn toward, such as praise, financial reward, or a feeling of satisfaction."

Avoidance Goal:

"An attempt to avoid an unpleasant outcome such as shame, embarrassment, losing money, or feeling emotional pain."

Self Efficacy: "an individual's confidence that he/she can plan and execute a course of action in order to solve a problem."

Self Determination Theory: "ability to achieve goals and attain psychological well-being, influenced by the ability to control behaviours necessary to achieve these goals."

Intrinsic Motivation

"Motivation geared towards gaining rewards or public recognition, while avoiding embarrassment."

Extrinsic Motivation:

"Motivation geared toward gaining rewards or public recognition or avoiding embarrassment."

The truth about motivation is that it is on a continuum. Motivation goes from amotivational (feeling of having little to no motivation to perform a behaviour) to extrinsic motivation, the use of external stimuli to motivate an individual to perform a behaviour, to intrinsic motivation, which is also considered mastery motive as there is no need for extrinsic measures to motivate a person to achieve.

It is important to note that while a change can occur along the continuum as described above, changes can also go the other way. A person who was initially intrinsically motivated to succeed can feel less motivated once there is compensation or some other reward put in place it might reduce those internal feelings of identification with that particular drive to succeed.


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