DNA Michael DeLoUker

Watson and Crick

They discovered the model of the DNA Double Helix. This is the model of the human DNA. They said it was a double helix polymer and that it spilt into two to replicate itself, with each having a chain of monomer nucleotides. There were a lot of scientists trying to figure this out at this time. It came out during the 1970's.

What is a Karotype

A karyotype a picture of someone's chromosomes,


Chromosomes are DNA packed into structures.

How does DNA replicate?

Dna replicates in three steps. The first step is splitting the helix into two, then separating the strands. The second step is when the strands come together in a place called the origin, then the third step is the strands combining.

What damages DNA?

Damaging DNA can happen when replacing or replicating the cells. The damaging of DNA is called SOS. It happens when Ecoli and RecA or other things that can damage DNA comes into play.

Chargaff Rule

It states that DNA should have a 1:1 ratio. Erwin Chargaff preposed it.

How do base pairs bind?

Base pairs bind through hydrogen bonds. They hold DNA in place, as seen above they are the two/ one lines between letters.

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