10 Mistakes Photographers Make on Their Websites

A great photography website is critical to the success of any Professional Photographer. Here are some of the mistakes I have seen photographers make on their websites...
  1. Not Mobile Responsive: This one should be obvious to everyone but there are still many sites that do not work or work well on mobile devices. Over 50% of all internet use is now done on mobile devices so if your site is not responsive you are loosing a ton of business.
  2. Mobile Sites are Not Touch Responsive: This is not the same thing as mobile responsive... People want to flick and swipe between images not open and close. Navigation needs to be larger and images should be as large as possible.
  3. No Address or Service Area on Their Contact Page: While it is understandable that you may not want your home address on your website, at least put your City, State/Province and Service Area. Photographers are found by people that do simple web searches and results are not location accurate. Let people know where you work. Your website should also include GEOTag information on every page.
  4. Email Auto Responders: While this is not really "website" related, it is internet related. “I’ll get back to you within 48 Hrs.” or “I usually check my email several times a week…” should NEVER be used. All you are doing is telling people that photography is not your full time job or that they are not important to you. You are probably not the only photographer they will contact and someone else will respond quicker!
  5. Still Using Adobe Flash: During my work I see hundreds of photography sites every month and I cannot believe how many of them are still using Flash. There is no excuse to still use Flash!
  6. Too Much Text: Photography websites should be visual stimulating… Visitors are going to decide to contact you based on the images you show them and the work you do not because they read how you fell in love with photography.
  7. Use a Template Website That Thousands of Other Photographers Are Using: I cannot believe how many photography sites I view that seem to be using the same 6 templates of free or cheap services available on the web. Today photographers need to show people how unique and artistic their work is. People need to see why they should hire and pay for something that more and more people believe they can do themselves.
  8. Old Image Content: People can tell if a photo is years old… Update your images regularly!
  9. Images Sized Wrong: Images should be sized and optimized for the web BEFORE you upload them to your website. If your images/page does not load in seconds people will get frustrated and move on.
  10. Poor Image Selection... Show Your BEST Work! Photographers need to be unbelievably critical of their own work and put only the best of the best on their website. Do not show people photos that they could take themselves.

Many of you may be able to update your website yourself but if you cannot please contact Nerds… Updating your photography website is the fastest and easiest way to increase your bookings!

Nerds one time development cost is usually more cost effective than many of the DIY Template Sites many photographers currently use. If you have questions please feel free to give Nerds a call or send us an email. We are happy to explain how our custom websites can improve your business.

Contact Nerds to get the website you and your photography business deserve...
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Robert Pritchard

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