Heather Merriman's Teaching Adventures

My High School Days

Go Panthers!

My classroom experience began when I was in 11th grade. I participated in the Teachers for Tomorrow program where I was able to work in Kindergarten, 2nd, and 3rd grade classrooms.

While at Holladay, I worked with a Kindergarten classroom every Tuesday and Thursday morning.
While at Dumbarton, I worked with both a 2nd and 3rd grade classroom every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

My College Days

Undergrad Practicums

During my undergraduate program at James Madison University, I was placed in two different practicum classrooms. My first placement was in Kindergarten and second placement was in 2nd grade.


My major focus during this lesson was the importance of play with learning. Through investigation, the kindergartners searched for magnetic objects in the treasure chest. During our search we incorporated props such as eye patches and sayings to take the role of a pirate searching for treasure. After we found our treasures, the students came back to the table to compare and contrast the magnetic objects and the nonmagnetic objects.
We also enjoyed a field trip to the Children's Museum where we explored our creativity and experienced role play.

Second Grade

One SOL I covered during my time in 2nd grade was the life cycle of a plant. We first used our bodies to imitate the life cycle. We then got to plant our own seeds. Each student was given the choice as to which seed they would like to grow. To go along with watching our seeds grow, we made life cycle charts to track which stage the plant was in. To follow up with the lesson, we made observations as to which seeds grew faster/slower, which seeds stayed in which stage for longer, etc.
We then traveled to a local farm to learn about different plants and we even got to plant our own seeds!

Grad School Student Teaching

1st Grade

My student teaching experience began with my placement in a 1st grade classroom.

Look at all those smiling faces!

Sorting Centers

Animal Coverings

Thanks to the MathScience Innovation Center, I was able to bring in real animal coverings for the students to explore to gain an understanding for the purpose of each animal covering and how it helps each animal survive.

Jan Richardson, Daily 5, & Guided Writing

We loved choosing our own reading spots!

Listen to Reading was always one of our favorite stations!

Work on Writing was my favorite station, the stories never failed to make me smile.

When we didn't know how to spell a word, we would try our best to sound it out and then underline it to show the teachers we tried. I loved watching their writing skills grow during my time there. It is even more fun now when I go back to visit!

Some more fun

Field trip to the pumpkin patch!

International Night

One of my students was the flag bearer for his country, Bangladesh! International night was my favorite event of the school year. It was incredible seeing how many countries were represented at our school.

4th Grade

Daw, look at all of those smiling faces again!

Team Building

During my first week with my 4th graders, I got to experience some team building activities with the kiddos. It was a great way for me to get to know them while they got to know each other better as well!


We loved spending as much time outside as possible! So this outside location was perfect for D.E.A.R.!

Halloween Math

Pumpkin experiments make for a fun, messy day! We challenged our estimation skills by estimating weight, size, and number of seeds in the pumpkin. We followed up by measuring each feature and then we actually counted all the seeds in each pumpkin. I loved seeing how each group decided to track how many seeds they had.


More Fun

Makerspace Fun!
We always loved working towards extra recess! In order to earn extra recess, the students had to make sure they earned more points than the teacher. #WholeBrainTeaching #Scoreboard

MathScience Innovation Center

I started working at the MathScience Innovation Center in 2012 during their summer Camp Innovation. I originally was hired as a second teacher for classrooms with large numbers. As time went on, I became a head teacher and have been leading my own classes for the last two years. This job challenges me to think outside of the box and I think it has tremendously shaped the teacher I am today.

During our electricity class, we went on a field trip to the Science Museum of Richmond. We also created our own motor and solar powered cars.
During Engineering for the Future, we had new challenges every day. Throughout the week, the students were preparing for their mission to Mars. One challenge included creating a landing device for their rover.
In our LEGO EV3 class, the students learned how to program their EV3 through software on the computer and had to complete different challenges.
During our Speed of Light class, we explored different features of racing. We went on a field trip to a racetrack, we went Go-kart racing, and then we created scale models of both the racetrack and the race car.

Thanks for joining me on my adventure. I look forward to continuing it next year! For more information, Please visit:


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