Tour of Florida MNH alejandro medina

Nature on Display: The Butterfly Rainforest was very appealing and fulfilling for me because it made me connect with nature in a way I didn't before. Looking at all those butterflies was wonderful and really made me think about life and the beauty of this gift that we received. By being there, I got to understand that wild life and nature is something sacred for existence, someone perhaps doesn't get that feeling until you interact with nature and experience it's beauty. Like this and the other exhibits at this museum, it make me connect with nature in a way, thanks to it's decorations and habitats they had set up, it really was a nice experience.

Nature and Ethics: The museum does provides to us the experience of experiencing nature like Leopold recommends due to all the settings like the Butterfly Rainforest, or the Indian section, and all the other exhibits of animals. I really felt connected with nature while I was walking down the isles and this made me realize the sacred thing we have, nature and wild life, and that the world is also about those things, not only about humans and our personal gains. I believe a tour of this museum wakes up that feeling in all of those important to preserve our earth from little things like never dumping waste on the ground. The example of the prototype of men living in harmony with nature is provided in the Indian section, were this people lived and worshiped their lands and even had gods related to the sun and moon among others.

Nature and the Human Spirit: This museum makes us step out of our ordinary lives because simply you never see many butterflies together in one place like we did in our visit, or we never see all those fossils and collections anywhere we step in our daily routine. Each area of the museum was build for a purpose which was to make us connect with earth, to forget our daily problems for one second and feel free with nature. This is what really makes us identify who we are in this majestic world and what we need to do in order to maintain it. Before coming, I've had some personal problems which they just went away while I was starring at all the butterflies, this was a great experience which for sure I will be glad to do again.

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