Welcome To North Dakota The Peace Garden State (By Lillian Azzam)

Welcome to North Dakota ( Nickname is Peace Garden State ). One of my favorite states. There is a lot of historical things here, and I recommend you travel to this very nice place. I hope you learn a lot here, and like it as much as I do!

This is Jamestown, North Dakota and its Buffalo monument.

Welcome to Jamestown, North Dakota and the largest Buffalo monument in the world! This statue represents the time they saw a rare white buffalo and this was the white buffalo's home. This statue has been standing since 1959. That's over 50 years!

Sunflowers grow all over North Dakota.

Do you know what this state's known for? Its sunflowers, of course! There is not a certain place where these flowers grow because they just sprout all over the state. And there's no other place in the U.S.A that grows more sunflowers than North Dakota! This also where this state gets the famous nickname, "Peace Garden State".

This is Kenmare, North Dakota and a large river.

Welcome to Kenmare, North Dakota. The Goose Capital of North Dakota. This place was found a very long time ago. It was founded in 1897. We found this place over 120 years ago. This place is the Goose Capital just because each fall, more than 400,000 snow geese arrive at nearby wildlife refuges.

North Dakota is also known for its spring wheat.

While Idaho has its potatoes, Iowa has its corn, North Dakota is known for its large amount of spring wheat! There is plenty to harvest. This spring wheat gathers large amounts of protein and gluten that can help feed the community.

I hope you enjoyed taking a little peek at North Dakota! It sure was fun. Now I have to ask you, are you going to travel here?


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