Sights and Sounds of Dallas Claire middleton

Reunion Tower

The Reunion Tower is a staple building located in downtown Dallas. Their observation deck offers a panoramic view of the city. You can enjoy a meal almost 470 ft. high. The Reunion Tower can be seen from outside of the building as well when it illuminates at night. It’s hard to miss while enjoying Dallas nightlife.

The Sixth Floor Museum

The Sixth Floor Museum is located next to Dealy Plaza in the exact building where Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated John F. Kennedy. It teaches viewers about the assassination and conspiracy theories surrounding it. Visitors are able to wear a headset attached to a guided tour soundtrack as they walk through the museum.

Chelles Macarons

Chelles Macarons is located inside the Dallas Farmers market. The covered shed provides multiple vendors, all selling unique items, whether it’s food, souvenirs, clothes, or in this case, macarons. Chelles macarons are delicate yet flavorful. They offer new unique flavors daily. There’s a macaron for everyone.

Murals at the Dallas Farmers' Market

A set of painted murals next to the Dallas Farmers’ market provide a picturesque view to an otherwise-simple sidewalk. Each mural is creative and unique, offering tourists and locals the chance to interpret the art for themselves.

Dallas Grilled Cheese Company

The Dallas Grilled Cheese Company is a quaint restaurant located in the Bishop Arts District. It is is known for its legendary grilled cheese sandwiches. The sandwiches vary from a classic cheddar and sourdough grilled cheese to a caprese sandwich with chicken.


In the Bishop Arts District on a vacant corner lies a metal heart sculpture with locks attached. Couples, family members, and friends from across the country can add a lock with a message. You can purchase locks across the street at some of the local shops in the Bishop Arts District.

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