My Utopia Where everyday is a good day


The Julians communicate only in English, so that the new foreigners who can speak gibberish won't try confuse the other Julians.

Food Supply

In the sky, there’s a food box, called Julian’s Box. It’s made from the soul of King Julian himself. Every morning, prevening, and evening it drops food for the Julians to eat. There will be electronic menus in a section of your house just for food, so when the food is ready it comes down for you. For all the people who don’t finish, there’s an opening in the bottom of the house where you would drop the leftovers. When they drop it, a vast fire burns it all up. So it wouldn’t burn under the house, there’s a forcefield that surrounds the fire, creating a protection for when you open the opening.


Julian's believe in the one and almighty god, King Julian. The religion is called Julianism. The only thing is, you pray for 5 hours every day to King Julian, but BUT!!! if you miss praying for any reason you will be severely punished. On Julianary 17, St. Julian’s Day will be celebrated. There’ll be costumes, t-shirts, coffee mugs and even a stuffed Julian. During my glorious holiday, there will be a special treat. King Julian will hide little Julian bars around the city for you to find. If you find one of the five bars, you will get to spend an entire weekend with me and my exquisite lifestyle.


My society will make sure that we produce enough goods and supplies for everyone in the country. If there are any shortages in any place, it’ll be stocked just as before because we’re rich and can pay it. Because we are self-sufficient, we don’t need these imports or exports that other people have. The small things, like jewels; gold or diamonds, the kids’ll get for toys or playthings in hope that when they grow up, they’ll put them aside as foolish wastes of time, focus becoming a true Julian.


There’s not much to our government. Juliansville doesn't necessarily have a government, but if it did, King Julian is at the top and then there’s no real structure of seniority after that. I’ll pick people who assist me in certain areas but they aren’t more important than someone who would work at Ijulian or Juliansung. Everyone is just as important as the next, but all under King Julian because without him what would life be.

KIng Julian rules with an iron


Our technology will use only English; I’ll come out with these new devices King Julian created by the name of Ijulian and Juliansung. It’s similar to the Iphone, but instead of a circle home button, there’s a big J there. Anytime you need new anything dealing with technology, there’s a huge building with J on the top, and they’re the place to go.


Where everyday is a good day :)

My culture is very simple, happiness and COMPETITION. Everything is competition. My slaves and I will create a dome to host all of the country’s sporting events. For the younger generations, as they mature our parents will teach them the mindset that losing isn’t ok. Those participation trophies, WILL NEVER SET FOOT ON MY CIVILIZATION. If the team you are on loses, say arm wrestling or julian ball, you can’t do or try any other sports until you win in the sport you lost. For the winners, you get to stay in King Julian’s palace for a week. The only way you have to leave the palace, is if you lose in your sport. If you win and win and win, until you lose, you don’t have to leave the palace. Another odd thing is, for some reason my people insist on having just trucks, so transportation is TRUCKS ONLY. King Julian has this beautimous all gold Ford F-150 with gold mud tires and a honker that says Juju everytime he presses it.

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