The Little Prince By ashley lawrenCe

The Little Prince is a film guaranteed to teach a lesson to people of all ages. It is a recreated film by Mark Osborne of the children’s classic by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. In 2011 it was received a César Award for Best Animated Film, and that title sure does not lie. I agree that this film is definitely worth watching.

The Little Prince is sort of a movie within a movie, telling the tale through a little girl’s experience. Her mother is a control-freak about her education and future, not letting her have any breaks from her studies to play and do things a child would do. Surprisingly, she doesn’t complain at all and agrees with her mom about how important her education is, until she meets the old man next door, The Aviator.

The Aviator tells her stories about a little prince who lived on an asteroid. The movie switches through animation styles as it is switching through perspectives of the little girl and the Little Prince. The style they use for the prince fits the "story book" setting well.

The plot will hold your attention if you enjoy it's fantasy setting of it's conflicts. The problems are realistic in an unrealistic setting.

All of the characters have a different representation of something. Names are not mentioned, but that does not leave anything out. The little girl represents growing up. The Little Prince represents the child-like spirit that everyone should have.

There are many different lessons taught in this film. They can all be related to in real life, excluding the fantasy situation it is explained in. A lesson the story gives is to appreciate life's simple pleasures by being less serious.

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