Hi! I'm Michal, but my friends call me Mikee.

The journey

In 2007 I started my professional film&photo journey. During this time I have kept on meeting some great people on the way, which helped me shape, form and finally deliver each and every filmic adventure we experienced together.

Those included exploring fallout shelters, silver mines, driving the Model T, documenting the presidential palace, voyaging on Gift of Pomerania, residing at the Belvedere, jousting in full body armour, fishing for amber or moulting glass. And that's just in Poland.

The journey went global. We followed the entrepreneurial Women of China, casino owners in Macau, promoted the future of mobility in the USA, looked for drinking water in Malawi, explored sugar cane fields on Mauritius and had a few adventures all over Europe creating over 400+ projects and over 50 photoshoots over the last 12 years.

Here are a few memorable moments from the last 8 years.

2012-2020 selected backstage pictures

Here's a recent video, where I share tips on #workingfromhome during #covid19.

My full story can be read here:

Still here? Thank You. This is what I've been up to.


I have created stories and digital content for clients including: ŠKODA, Millenium Bank, Aptiv, Universal Music Group, AON, Good Year and Fair Trade since 2013. Most of my work can be found here:

2012-2020 projects


During this time I received various awards for my creative work with companies including Mercedes Benz, UNESCO, Rolls Royce, Reddit and Fair Trade.

  • 2012 - Grand Prix ROLLS ROYCE RANKIN 2012
  • 2012 - Winner: Fantasy Photo / ViewBug
  • 2013 - r/photography | Photo of the Year '13 / 4th place
  • 2014 - Winner: EduDoc | Mother Earth Contest
  • 2015 - Winner: Golden OTIS (shared with R. Kotarski)

Employer branding

For the last 5 years, my main area of professional focus became employer branding. My given tasks for both photo and film projects are:

  • creative concepts,
  • script writing,
  • production planning,
  • character design,
  • postproduction,
  • social media planning and more.

Our latest employer branding campaign:

Selected EB Campaigns (2018-2020)

Clients include Holding1, Guidewire and Aptiv.

Enough about me. What's Your story?

Ready for another adventure?


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