Gardening project by: noura, mashael, maryam.h

what we did :

  • We volunteered by gardening -
  • We chose this job because we wanted to make our school more representable *
  • Our roles were all the same we helped each other threw this project so we wrote together and gardened and watered together as a cooperative team ^
  • We learned to work as a team and how volunteering is a good role that really makes a difference in the community -
  • Our favorite memory is when we dug the holes and placed each seed with care because it taught us how each seed is important to grow the plant and that it has life in it *

It's a pretty common mistake to think of volunteering as just something nice that people can do. Sure, it may make them feel greatabout helping, but what impact does it really have? there is alot of impact threw volunteering and those impacts are keeping the place clean and presentable helping others with jobs they need to acomplish and more ^

cheack this out it "the jobs of voulnteering"

This video is about the environment and its similar to our gardening

STOP AT 0.52 AND GO TO 0.56

Thank you very much we all enjoyed this opportunity to make a change !

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