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Leaving Cape Town fairly early it's not long untill you reach the Cape Winelands region. Our final destination was to be Franschhoek but on the way we were told that we should visit the gorgeous vineyards of Babylonstoren in Stellenbosch.

Gems keen to get started on the tasting trail...
The first glass of wine is always the best right?

We ordered a vegetarian tasting plate to go with the food and it was absolutely delicious! All the food was grown on the vineyard itself.

Fresh raw veggies, nuts, breads and delicious cheese to go with the wine
Got a guided tour of the Babylonstoren gardens afterwards by these guys
Bae walking through the Puff Adder, spot the Bonzai trees!
Bit of exercise to work the lunch off

Then it was time to head Franschhoek to check into our Airbnb for the night. This one was located on a vineyard itself and at the end of a 1km long driveway and one of the highest spots in the town.

I can think of worse places to build your house

The view from our room and the front of the house was just incredible.

Gems wondering where her wine was...
The view looking back up the mountain where Estelle and Pieter (our lovely hosts) get all their water from.
Bit different from our view at home!
We were greated by this mischievous teenager called Tandy

He took us on a walk across the vineyards to get a view of the Franschhoek valley floor

Someone new to follow...
Bae and Tandy taking in the view...
Getting used to the camera now
Vineyards fill the valleys of the Cape winelands region
Even the steep hills had vines on
Gems in her element here

Estelle and Pieter has earlier told us about a bush fire that had come close to the house last year and I wanted to see what happens to the land after a fire. So I took myself off for a little walk up the hills at the back of the house

Protias burnt in the fire still looking beautiful

Although the bush fires are devastating they are also vital for the land to regenerate itself. Many of the seeds from wild flowers only germinate after the fires and the whole floor was a luminous green and full of life. Quite a contrast to the black and burnt bushes.

We shared a lovely bottle of rose with Estelle and Pieter and had a good chat with them learning about the area and our hosts. It's always one of my favourote things about using Airbnb!

The food choices in Franschhoek are amazing too. The restaurant Roca was just at the bottom of the vineyard and highly recommended for its great food, wines and views.

Bae making an entrance
The view didn't disappoint (luckily the food and drink didn't either!)
Cheers 🍷

We had a lovely breakfast the next day, complete with the sounds of nearby Baboons and loads of colourful birds only found in the part of the country.

Breakfast in the garden

After more wine tasting (from 10am!) and looking around the town of Frenchhoek (Gems found a posh chocolate shop!) we were on our way to Robertson. We used the Franschhoek pass to get out of the mountains and it gave us more beautiful views of the valley bellow!

We stopped at a vineyard called Nuy on the way to Robertson and had more delicious wine and food. I can't honestly say enough about how amazing the food and wine is here. Even the salads taste amazing, and that's coming from a man who eats a salad under duress at home.

Not your average service...

In Robertson we visited the Springfield vineyards and was supposed to visit another but the setting was so perfect that we just stayed there a little longer untill we got kicked out (it closed).

Bae with a Sav B

We made a new four legged friend in the shape of a very large (and very hot) Felix. Felix guards the vineyard's animals at night but just sleeps in the day. He basically became my Dire wolf (Game of Thrones reference) and followed us everywhere. I'm now thinking about relcaiming my right to the throne when I get back home...

Felix suffering in the afternoon heat.
Birds eating from the river by Springfield Winery.

As always, time has beaten us and our stay in the winelands has finished. We left with enough of our favourite wines to last for at least a few more days and some new wines to try when we get home! It's a beautiful part of the county and if you're coming out here soon I'd defiantly recommend a few days here as a vital part of your itinerary!

Next up... Our first dip into Safari 🦁

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