Bullying in schools must be stopped By Sadeed Ahmed

Did you know that 4400 children suicide from bullying at school every year. bullying at school must be stopped know we can't let innocent children's lives die for no purpose. Bullying usually starts at a young age this affects there later lives dramatically. Bullied children fell like every ones against them and the world hates themselves. Children spend 16,800 hours of their childhood in schools and knowing that you will be constantly harassed and tormented will cause serious brain damage. They start

From birth its obvious people are brought up very different from other people this means that their personality, opinions and their interests are usually different from other children. Leading to children casting them out from the group and they are bullied by those who find it satisfying to blemish another humans life, this way of casting out people must be stopped. This leads to no friendships and always wanting to be antisocial. This heavily affects your chances of getting a good job especially if you don't work well with others. This makes them feel like no one likes him and that every one hates him.

Being an outcast right from the start of your social life is very arduous. Everyone makes assumptions about who they are and what your like. This causes rumours to spread and once an atrocious rumour is spread about you, this will create hate, for no reason. Hate is a bully's strength they use it against you to blind you and torture you. Bully's destroy your self esteem in all aspects of your life. Knowing that you will be going through this constantly will delude your mind processing and cause you serious traumatic damage.

Of the entirety of your youth children you spend 16,800 hours in school, knowing that your going to be harassed, tortured and beaten up in all that time will cause catastrophic damage your brain and even you sanity. This is a very serious problem, this will delude people into believing that no one cares for you and that with you gone the world will be a better place. These phrases and justifications are usually used to verbally assault the victim. Not only that but your school life is ruined, your grades will drop as fast as lightning. You'll be sent to psychiatric hospitals for brain treatment in worse cases. This'll eventually lead to death, every thing shows that your life was a useless one so you suicide. Over 4,400 people go through this horrific process in school leading to their deaths.

With out a doubt it is evident that leaving bullies to torture an innocent child's life to suicide isn't so uncommon in fact over 4,400 people suicide from this exact reason and that's why it must be stopped now! From a young age people are always different and those people who are different are cast out in fear, this then spreads and changes into hate. It then torments the child so much it eventually leads to suicide. So I ask you, is this fair, is this right, is this just. If you believe something must be done then stand up rise, don't just stand there and watch some one die. Do the obvious and right task. Stop It Now!

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Sadeed Ahmed

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