Volunteer Newsletter shallowford afterschool march 3, 2017

If your plan is for one year, plant rice. If your plan is for ten years, plant trees. If your plan is for 100 years, educate children. - Confucious

Early Volunteer Oportunity

We have a need for people to come in a little early -- perhaps a few people taking turns once a week or once every two weeks -- to help us take the children out for recess. Especially now that the weather has been so nice, you might welcome the chance to be outside with them for a while. Please talk to either Patricia or me if you are willing and able to be put on the schedule. We need two people every program day, from about 3:15 to 3:30.

Photo thanks to Patricia Chandonia

It's (almost!) Party Time!

We need to begin planning for our end-of-program party. The children really look forward to the end-of-program party and the anticipation is almost as good as its arrival! Please let Patricia or me know of any ideas you may have for the party and what plans we may need to make. Then we'll get together for a few minutes to discuss the ideas. We will let LaAmistad personnel know what our plans are within the next couple of weeks.

It's (almost) party time!

We will be getting together (students, volunteers and staff) within the next couple of weeks to take a nice group picture of our site. We'll let you know a day ahead of picture day.

Go over the importance of washing your hands with the students.

Although we prepare every year for the upcoming spring colds and allergies, the effects are usually stronger than we expect. In an effort to keep our kids in school and healthy, please go over the importance of washing your hands and covering your nose when you sneeze.

What to say: "Even though you can't see them, germs stick to your hands and spread to everything you touch -- just like glitter does. But glitter can't make you sick, and germs can. That's why it's so important to scrub your hands well, especially after using the bathroom or sneezing and blowing your nose."



Meaning: Establish or indicate what something is

Can be used instead of: pick out, select, label

Study Skill

Highlight the answers in the text

How to incorporate the study skill: Using a highlighter or your finger, you should highlight the words or sentences that provided you with the answers to the questions. This requires that you prove the answers to yourself rather than guess. You may have to re-read the passage to find the answers.



Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers! You make our program wonderful too!

And a special thank you goes to Sue Ellen Williams, who answered our frantic request for extra volunteers for yesterday's session. When it rains it pours, and we had several volunteers out sick the same day. Sue Ellen actually changed a doctor's appointment so that she could come in and help us out! Many thanks, Sue Ellen! You went above and beyond!

And, to all of you who are not feeling well, please take care of yourself and feel better soon! We miss you!

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