Pheasant Acres RV Park, LLC A sweet Piece of Paradise with tickle your Toes Grass

Where are the pheasants? That's been asked more than once. Well, over 40 years ago there were pheasants as well as chukars, quail and Brittany Spaniels...all raised on this property. The owners, two sisters, were involved in raising the birds, smoking them in the little brown shed seen in the photo above, and ran a thriving business of selling and sending the birds all over the U.S. to their loyal customers. Oh, and the dogs? The gals had a side line of raising Brittany Spaniels in what is now the equipment shed where to this day the doggy doors to the kennel run are still visible.

It seems at some point, being only two miles from the local trout park that has the fifth largest spring in the state, the gals thought it would be a stellar idea to share their place by stringing an extension cord out through the trees in yonder field, and just like in The Field of build it and they will come. And so they did. Tenters and RV'ers began arriving and enjoying the simplicity of Pheasant Acres RV Campground while fishing at Maramec Spring Park down the road a piece.

When I arrived on the scene as a camper in 2004, it was easy to see why there was a loyal following of campers that returned year after year. Mature trees that give great shade in the summer abound. Surrounded on two sides by 2500 acres of conservation land while the third adjacent side is privately owned, Pheasant Acres is nestled in the middle of beautiful oak, pine, dogwood, sassafrass, hickory and persimmon trees where you can enjoy listening to the leaves rustle in the gentle wind and see the butterflies flit from blossom to blossom. Don't you already love this place? I sure did.

Lucky enough to be at a point of a career change...having had careers as a commercial artist, then a public educator with a short stint as a vet tech, the opportunity burst out of nowhere and with a hand shake on a Sunday night on the owner's back porch, I returned in a week and purchased my little piece of paradise...Pheasant Acres RV Park and Campground, LLC. I remember saying to my husband, Don, "Honey, I just bought an RV Park. You can come with me if you like." And we packed up our belongings and moved to the Foothills of the Ozarks, never looking back.

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