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Born and raised in the great state of Texas, in a small border town by the name of Laredo, Is where my journey began. I graduated at the young age of seventeen, and deemed higher education an overpriced "snake oil." I honestly felt like college was a joke, a daycare for teenagers who could not get their life on track or feared the real world. I served in the U.S. Navy as a Hospital Corpsman for nearly a decade (eight years), attending to wounded Marines during Operation Enduring Freedom, and manning Naval hospitals all around the world. I held my son at the age of twenty-four and it was then, I found a new calling in life, one which requires me in an academic environment in order to pursue a future in engineering. Thus bettering my life, and my family's life. I guess "ignorance is a bliss."

Reflective Essay

I decided to do my reflective essay on my very first academic paper that was on a product review. This essay taught me the most about communicating appropriately. Upon submitting my first draft for instructor review and receiving my first ever college level feedback on an academic paper, the realization quickly dawned on me that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing; my poor mechanics along with my poor sentence structuring led me to re-learn the proper process and techniques of communicating. Within my product review essay, I discovered mechanics of communicating, MLA research, and differences in communication.

The mechanics for properly communicating come down to proper sentence forming, punctuation, and grammar. By neglecting one or the other, the possibilities of turning in an academic paper that will not meet all the requirements is high, affecting the overall average of the paper.


Research for academic papers is vast, with so many databases and the whole internet at the tip of your fingers, a relatively easy task such as researching can be a daunting task. When papers require academic certified journals or reports, procrastinating too long can result in information not pertinent to the assignment. Proper organization can not only alleviate stress, but make the overall project easier. By following a well-organized schedule and breaking research down, to a manageable time consuming project, I can write a paper accurately.

One bad habit I had a hard time breaking was my improper communication style. Writing habits, included writing in first person point of view, over exaggerating and long winded sentences. Having finally attended a college level writing course, I have learned multiple ways to properly express myself no matter what kind of writing assignment is presented to me in an academic or casual setting.

In retrospect, this semester has been an eye opener, I honestly feel bad for half the e-mail messages I sent out throughout my previous career. Although this is only my first semester, I realize the art of writing is a subject that cannot be mastered with only one class. I look forward to polishing my writing skills and expanding my knowledge on research, mechanics of communicating and communication.

Going Bare

Whether a runner is an experienced trail runner, or a beginner, he needs trail running shoes. Trail runners of all caliber want three things in a trail shoe. Comfort, performance, and price are the foundation to any trail shoe. Selecting trail running shoes can be intimidating even for a veterans of trail running. Luckily New Balance launched their anticipated Minimus v10 line that took all the complicated running terms and eliminated them. The runner can now focus on comfort, performance and price. The New Balance Minimus v10 line is a light weight, thin, and flexible but tough trail shoe that has proven to be an asset in any outdoor adventurer’s wardrobe.

Comfort will vary depending on the runner’s feet and gait. While some runners prefer an inch of padding between them and the ground others prefer a thinner sole. The New Balance Minimus v10 shoe gives the runner a unique alternative; after all the shoe is named after its minimal design and concept. A thin foam pad is between the runner’s foot and four millimeter sole; this shoe is not for the light-hearted trail runner. Having enough room to extend one’s toes, the Minimus v10 trail shoe is just like its predecessors. Meant to be worn sockless, the shoe contours to the runner’s foot, and the New Balance Minimus v10 trail shoe the runner is wearing, the inside material can vary from a satin inside to a cortex waterproof fabric. The New Balance Minimus v10 trail shoe keeps the runner’s feet warm or dry, no matter where his trail takes him. Coulson, a native of Colorado and an author for trail running shoes reviews, mentions in his article, “The outsole also offers a mite of arch support as it curves up at the instep of the foot.” Though it might not sound significant, the minimal running style also provides maximum flexibility as opposed to the clunky trail shoes out in the market. However, the runner should not expect great comfort right out the box. The shoe requires time and miles put in it to mold to the runner’s foot.

Bottom line, performance will vary from one runner to the next. The New Balance Minimus v10 trail shoe offers an array of benefits that can help the runner improve his performance. Only weighing 7.2 ounces, and depending on the runner’s endurance, the runner can run for miles before the weight of the shoe becomes an issue. Another unique feature the New Balance Minimus v10 trail shoe offers is its Vibram outsole that other runners regarded to be tough enough to withstand impact and surface friction. Runners will also notice two rubber straps running horizontally, one in the front of the trail shoe, and one across the heel. These rubber straps were designed for major support that help the runner with “medial and lateral stability” (Coulson). The cortex liner mentioned earlier in the review also contributes to the runner’s performance. By keeping the runner’s feet warm and dry the athlete can run without the worry of getting wet or cold feet. One runner’s review mentioned even on a cold day his feet will began to perspire from how warm the cortex liner is (new-balance-minimus review). This trait makes it an all-around shoe for any type of season or terrain. The New Balance Minimus v10 trail shoe is finished with some flat laces that weave through reinforced eyelets, that never apply too much pressure and prevent injury or numbness of the runner’s foot. When it comes to performance, The New Balance Minimus v10 trail shoe is at the top of its class.

As a versatile all-purpose trail shoe, The New Balance Minimus v10 trail shoe is appropriately priced at $125 US dollars (Coulson). The shoe maybe a little expensive for even the most frugal runners, but the price should not turn any runner’s away. However, depending where the runner gets his New Balance Minimalist v10 shoes, prices may vary. Therefore, if the runner is counting his pennies, with a little bit of research, he can probably find an outlet that sells them for a price of eighty dollars (new-balance-minimus review).

The New Balance Minimus v10 shoe leads the race in comfort performance and price. The New Balance Minimust v10 offers the best comfort because not only does it mold to the runner’s foot, but its light-weight makes it ideal for long distance trail runs. Incorporating state of the art technology The New Balance Minimus v10 trail shoe gives the runner the cutting edge performance needed to outperform competition in any type of environment. Appropetily priced, the money invested into this shoe would not be wasted. The New Balance Minimus v10 trail shoe in my opinion is light weight, durable, and at top of its performance trail shoe.

Writing Process
Revisions, Drafts, Peer Review, Text Books


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