Active Learning Reflection What was it all about?

2017-04-27 - AL Session 1 and 2

Some take-away thoughts that stand out in my mind from today's session

  • Stay focused on the purpose of the technology; ask 'what is this app allowing me to do?' Is it increasing accessibility? Is it allowing for flexible assessment? Is it provoking critical, deeper thinking in the student? Is it sharing and celebrating success?
  • Be aware of the context; Where are the teachers coming from, in terms of their school context? Is ICT use promoted and advocated in their school? Is it discouraged and banned? What is the relevance of an ICT conversation with a teacher whose school has no ICT? What does it mean for a teacher to ignore the rules on ICT?
  • Be aware of what's available; new, better technologies are made freely available on a daily basis. Scoilnet is very different now to what it once was. Sound recording, video making and image editting, self-management, organisation, and deep-thinking/reflecting software are all improving and becoming available.


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