The Staffof Moses by: Brianna Moore

I am recreating the staff of Moses i chose this because i wanted to challenge myself. I chose to do a staff that represents his life rather than the actually staff. I am going to make the the red sea, the fire something and something else i don't remember. first with the red sea is going to be the lower part of the staff and such also with holes in it. then the fire something is the top part. I put some other deatails to it like maybe putting the name moses on it and then the ten command ment. also i was going to do the skae head thing but i relized thats to generic and most people would do that so istead i decided to do something else and once i am done with deatils i would probablty stain it and gloss it with like a clear coat and stuff i would also have to carve a retangular shpe to it so that would take quite some time and hard work overall i think it will be awesome i choe to do the stick length accored to the exodus of the bibble which states '' the length of thy staff must be within the capablilites of the user.'' so i dint bother with the length just made it my staff size i made a hilt as well and such. overall it was an amazing plan.

Today i started carving it i wanted to first figure out what brak i should keep on and where and decided i should keep on the top for the hilt and make a grip and cap at the bottom

Today i went ahead and started carving the two retangualr shapesi needed the command ments and writing moses and the details i got a rough starttoday i was stilling doing the the rectangular shapes of the staffoday im almost finshed with the retangualr parts and about to start the cap at the bottom

today if finished the rectangular parts and finally finshed the cap and started sandibng it a bit carving a little more and sanding ect

today i oulined with a pen the firwe thing and sanded and carved a little more

today i used the rotary tool and stared the otlining the fire

today i finished on part of the fire

today i finished the other part of the fire

today i stared putting holes outside the fire thing

today i stared carving moses in the retgualr box on all sides

Today i finshed carving it moses on the box and sanded a little

today did the water sybol and finshed with 4 holes on each side

today i started using paint and outlined evey detail and name incuding the water symbol and a little extra too

today i am almost finshed witgh the painting ouline and going to start staing it

Istared staining to day and let it set

today i glossed it with clear coat and the i was finished with the whole staff

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