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Maintaining the buildings in Fort Wayne Community Schools is an important component of meeting the district’s goals. Academics are supported by suitable buildings; FWCS buildings are strong anchors in neighborhoods and serve families throughout the community; and being fiscally responsible requires these assets be maintained. Our children deserve well-maintained facilities that meet today’s educational needs, including electrical systems that can handle 21st Century technology, climate-controlled buildings that are more energy efficient and modern classroom space with better lighting and adequate storage.

In May of 2012, voters approved the $119 million, 4-year Basic Renewal/Restoration and Safety Projects, needs-only building renovation plan - REPAIR FWCS.

Background: Condition of boiler room at Harrison Hill Elementary prior to renovation. Inset: New boiler room at Harrison Hill Elementary after renovation.

The goal of the REPAIR FWCS Program is to provide a better overall learning environment for our students.

Background: Renovated corridor at Harrison Hill Elementary Inset: Corridor at Harrison Hill Elementary at the start of renovation.

The program serves to accomplish this through the following specific goals:

  • Replace infrastructure that has reached the end of it's useful life;
  • Eliminate substandard environmental conditions through improvements to air quality, temperature and lighting;
  • Increase security for the safety of students and staff;
  • Increase overall efficiency of the building to decrease energy use; and,
  • Maintain the roof replacement schedule.
Background: New heating and cooling lines installed in renovated building. Inset: New air-conditioning chiller being lifted into place.

As a result of the 2012 program, 10 buildings have received full renovations, 14 buildings received air conditioning that were not previously air-conditioned, 16 buildings had window replacements completed and 28 buildings received partial roof replacements.

During and after window replacement and masonry restoration at Irwin Elementary School.

The projects were completed on time and under budget, with $2.2 million in savings which resulted in a lower tax rate than what was originally approved.

Building on the success of the 2012 referendum projects, a second referendum was resoundingly approved by voters in May of 2016. This second phase of renovations includes major renovation at another 10 school buildings, the addition of air conditioning at 16 school buildings, security improvements at 33 buildings, window replacements at 2 buildings, partial roof replacements at 4 buildings and parent pick-up lane improvements at 5 buildings. At the completion of this portion of the program, ALL FWCS school buildings will be air-conditioned.

Renovation work in progress at Northrop High School. Project will be completed in 2020.
Before (Inset) and after (background) of exterior building envelope improvements at St. Joseph Central Elementary School.
Renovated gymnasium and media center at St. Joseph Central Elementary.

The Fort Wayne Community Schools Facilities Department and administration annually review and assess the condition of the District's 5.5-million square feet of building space and 858 acres of land. This includes review of replacement plans and life-cycle timelines for major building components, assessment of current conditions, coordination with Curriculum, Security and Technology Departments to identify significant programmatic changes, prioritizing identified needs and identification and allocation of funding sources for improvements. As we approach 2020, we look to the next chapter of the REPAIR FWCS program, REPAIR 2020. And as always, we continue to say THANK YOU FORT WAYNE for the opportunity to improve our buildings to a level of modern standards and provide better learning environments for our students and staff!

For more information on the REPAIR FWCS program, please visit us at

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