Fish Fossil lauren giles

As a part of the "Art and the River" public art trail located along the Kangaroo Point boardwalk, the Fish Fossil piece of art is displayed. This artwork was created in 1995 by Christopher Trotter using metal and cast concrete found by him. The purpose of the artwork was to create a new form of fish that represents a fictitious reality from both the past and present. He was inspired by the surrounding cliffs and the Brisbane river with the artwork evolving from his interest in what lay beneath the cliffs. Trotters style of art includes sourcing and joining unrelated objects in a way that appears perfectly plausible, through the use of both natural and man-made materials. He often makes reference to the ‘form follows function’ theory for his pieces. The contemporary context of the piece is a public art display along the Kangaroo Point boardwalk. This inner-city suburb combines picturesque natural beauty with rich urban culture. The defining theme of this culture is the presence of a great number of very different people in a very limited space, with the majority being strangers to one another. Fish Fossil reflects this culture in the fact that the mixture of materials used were combined to create a piece of work that portrays a very common animal with an urban twist placed on it to evoke curiosity and discovery of what in fact lies beneath us. This artwork makes me want to explore my city more and actively look for new and unique animals, pieces of art and natural resources.

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