Marina Abramovic performance artist // by Paige schmitz

Marina Abramovic, born on November 30th, 1946, in Belgrade, Serbia, is known as the grandmother of performance art. Her work spans three decades and pushes the mental and physical limits of the human body. Her pieces are provocative, terrifying, and at times life threatening. She has taught at five different art universities around Europe as well as written and co-written 14 books and directed two short films. She has also collaborated with several notable artists such as Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, and James Franco. She has won numerous prestigious awards including a Peabody Award for her documentary 'The Artist is Present' which followed the production of her 2010 MoMA exhibition by the same name.

(clockwise from left to right) Abramovic and former partner Ulay performing 'Rest Energy' in 1980, Abramovic photographed for her book cover 'Marina Abramovic' in 2008, Abramovic performing 'Rhythm 0' in 1974, Abramovic performing 'Balkan Baroque' in 1997
Abramovic and former partner Ulay meeting at 'The Artist is Present' exhibition in 2010
Abramovic performing 'Art Must Be Beautiful, Artist Must Be Beautiful' in 1975

This is the piece I chose to remix because it is very impactful and visually intriguing. I made this piece my own by changing the words in the background to say "Women Must Be Beautiful" and replaced the bones with makeup and beauty products to symbolize how women feel pressured to change themselves and be beautiful all the time and the lengths that some women are willing to go to to be accepted.

My piece, 'Women Must Be Beautiful' 2017

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