During the Voyage Annabelle & Betsy's First Day: By, Lucy

Annabelle and Betsy have been mates since Primary school in South Hampton, England. Now, both 19 years old and are going to work on the greatest ship ever built. They are going to work as cashiers on Deck B on the Titanic, in the Ritz Restaurant which was only for first class passengers. Everyone says they look like twins because of their fair curly hair. As soon as they got on the ship they were to go straight to their room on the bottom deck. On the way down on the lift they met a bloke that Betsy's brother knew from Uni. His name was Robert he was her brother's flat mate at Westminster for two years. He was the manager for the restaurant they were going to be working at. The girls were so excited, you would think that they were going on a holiday, but they were really going there to work.

As Annabelle and Betsy looked around they were surprised at how fetching all of the crew looked in their new uniforms for the journey. The men had fancy black trousers and coats. The ladies had pressed bonne fames, blouses and aprons. Once they got to their room, they saw that there were three sets of bunk beds in their room. They chose their bunks and unpacked their rucksacks. Robert said, since there were no passengers on board yet the girls could go wander around the amazing ship. They walked past the bakery where they were already making lots of biscuits and scones for the passengers. The smell reminded them of their mum's house before tea time.

Biscuits and Scones

It was only two o'clock, so they could walk around for three more hours before their first shift. They found the crew hangout and kitchen. It would not serve the fancy food they would see at the Ritz Restaurant but would have crisps, chips, and sweets, all of which were the girls favorite foods. Annabelle and Betsy stayed in the hangout and met lots of the new crew members. There were going to be over 2,000 crew members on the ship for this trip.

After the girls changed, they reported to the restaurant for instructions. Robert said, "Make sure you are always polite, and smile."

"Yes Sir," we both said at the same time, and giggled.

"Now Betsy, you go to the cash register at the other entrance, and Annabelle you stay here at this cash register," Robert said.

"What should we do when there are no more people in the restaurant?" Betsy asked.

"Help the bus boys clean and take out the rubbish,'' Robert replied.

The night went by so fast for the girls. They were exhausted by the time the last people left at 11:00pm. Betsy took out the rubbish on the back deck, where she saw a sky full of stars on the clear cold night. Her hands were freezing and she wanted her muff, but she had left it in her rucksack in her room. The girls were tired but excited for the next day and an amazing journey to America.

British Words: mate ( friend) Primary School (Elementary School) fair hair (blonde) lift (elevator) bloke (man) Uni (college/university) Flat Mate (roommate) holiday (vacation) fetching (nice) trousers (pants) bonne fames (skirt) blouses (shirt with buttons) rucksack (backpack) biscuits (cookies) scones (biscuits with fruit) Mum (Mom) crisps (chips) chips (french fries) sweets (candy) rubbish (trash/garbage) muff (hand warmer)


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