Declassified GA Survival Guide The How To Not Die During the School Year

Turn off the "stereo"-types

by Katherine Fidel and Ariane Lazaga

"GA ka lang naman eh!"
"GA? Strand ng mga patapon?"

These are only some of what we GA students usually hear. To the average person, being in GA means that you are inferior to others — to them, it means your abilities, your strengths and your capabilities aren't sufficient. People will look down on you, and will count you out.

Prove them wrong.

Being in the General Academic strand actually gives us students an edge. It makes us stand above the rest because we conquer and specialize not only one specialty but we make ourselves knowledgeable on all of them. We choose to become excellent in everything and we can prove everyone that we can, and we will.

Now along with these stereotypes, the following are advantages to the strand that help battle all these beliefs.

1. Jack-of-all-trades

Still feeling undecided? Well, you’re in luck! GA gives you the chance to choose electives from the other three strands (STEM, HUMSS, ABM), and you can take 4 different electives in Grade 12. Feeling decided already? Then don’t despair! Being in GA doesn’t mean you’re lesser than your supposed counter parts. It’s all the same game when you enter college and what strand you were in wouldn’t matter during admissions or program shifting.

2. The “Chill-Est”

Although it’s unfair to say that the workload in GA isn’t as much as the rest of the strands have, take pride in knowing that you actually have more time to study than your peers. And honestly, while everyone is crawling and gasping for breath under the workload, they’ll think you’re lucky for being in the GA strand (albeit we don’t get much credit on being the Stressed Strand, even though stress doesn’t choose strands!).

3. The Girl Scout and the Boy Scout

Unlike the other strands which are already set in stone, the GA strand is most likely the best when it comes to being prepared for the future. Being able to be given the chance to have background knowledge on various fields hones the person to be a better student in the future. GA students aren’t caged in one specific type, making them more flexible people.

pro tips

by Jayson Borromeo and Ashley Del Castillo

The General Academics strand gives many different academic obligations to its students. That's why in this article we would discuss how to survive the academic life in GA. This strand offers the most versatility when it comes to courses. It covers not only the main subjects but also certain special subjects such as Arts and Management to exercise skills for Humanities and Business.

With all these subjects that a student takes, it is no question that it gives its students a lot of tasks and accomplish. Believe us when we say that GA carries the same burden as the rest of the strands! This is why, here, we have a few things for you to keep in mind if you want a successful run in your academic life! You’ll thank us later!

This is very basic, but important in order to keep track of the lessons you’ve taken up. Your notes will be helpful in cases of quizzes and/or long tests. A compilation of all your notes for the entire semester could help in your midterms and finals!

If a student doesn't understand something he/she should approach the teacher for consultation. This way the student would be able to understand the listen more and it would give the teacher an impression that the student values his/her grades and the lesson.

This sounds boring to begin with, but this is an activity that most GA students swear by! Attend one of these, and you won’t regret the grade you’re about to get. The reviews held are parallel to the exam that’s going to be given.

Armed with your notes, powerpoints, hand-outs, and with a quick review from the study hall, take time to reread through everything for about two to four hours at home. Do this while you relax, and don’t stress it.

As much as getting good grades is the goal, taking time off the books will help! This will give your mind time to process everything you’ve learned and give you a chance to cope with the academic stress. We suggest putting on your favorite chill music while reading a good book and relaxing over a cup of hot coco! To each their own.

GA: ideas, beliefs, and personalities

by Franco Montilla

The General Academics strand is the most populated amongst the 4 strands. It has probably the most diverse culture as this is a strand that prides itself on the idea of diversity. This diversity in culture brings about quite an interesting social spectrum as this is a strand where ideas, beliefs, and personalities abundantly clash compared to those of HUMMS, ABM, and STEM. This is mostly due to the fact that the students within those strands were placed there based on their ideas, beliefs, and personalities. The other side of the coin is our strand, the general academics strand, which unlike the other strands was made for the divergent. Even though diversity is ever present a lot of similarities amongst our students come about as it similarities that allow not only our students but all people to bond over and form friendships. The same similarities pop up quite often within our strand forming what would be similar to branches stemming from the tree that is our strand. 3 of the most abundant of these branches are the athlete branch, the delinquent branch, and the senile branch.

Majority of our school’s athletes are actually from the general academics strand, the reason behind this is unknown and never may be truly distinguished but the some rumored causes are that these athletes choose to focus more on improving in their field of sports rather than worrying over which course to take up for the future. These athletes tend to live a very tiring lifestyles as on top of schoolwork they still have practices and games to attend to. For several cases this tends to interfere with their academic performance as being mostly extroverted, athletes see difficulty in finding a balance between family, school, sports, friends, and God.

Another abundant personality would be that of a delinquent. Not all students with this personality are fated to fail some are irresponsible to a lesser extent than others. These students are those who are not necessarily unintellectual, but those who lack the drive to excel and are okay with average achievements. This may be caused by many many things, family problems, lack of talent, hindering confidence. These are just some of the possible causes of delinquency. These students are those whose names you see in repetition on the sanction list by the APSA, they choose to prioritize their hobbies and friends over academics as they do not believe studies to be fulfilling and choose to enjoy the moment even if it means giving up time that could be spent for school. They are not all bad though some of them do not merely understand the actions they perform and their consequences. They need to be led in the right direction as they do not want to be failures and seek success and happiness just like the rest of us. The last branch is that of senile students. Senile may seem like a heavy term but it is in actuality just a fancy way of saying confused. This was obviously going to be abundant here as that is what this strand was purposed towards, students who are unsure of what to do in life.

Within this branch there are 2 smaller branches of people, those who take it positively and those who take it negatively. Those who take this uncertainty positively choose to strive hard when it comes to academics as they want to find their own purpose and believe that they can through exceling. On the other hand those who take it negatively let it affect their morale thus discouraging them to do well as they have little to no hope in understanding their purpose. We may all have different ideas, beliefs, and personalities, but that alone should not give you reason to choose to affiliate elsewhere as we are all people and to succeed as a whole we must accept these differences and use them to their fullest potential to continue to grow and innovate.

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