A NATION IN A NATION Word of the Lord through Tracy Harris on July 4, 2021

There is a rising. There is a coming out of obscurity. There is a coming out and being seen. From those who have pushed you into a corner have tucked you away and have tried to keep your voice from being heard and obscured. But there is a rising. There is a coming out. There is a rising. There is a coming out.

For you see, I have a nation within a nation and there is a rising up in this nation. And it is My nation, My holy nation, My royal priesthood is arising. Do you not see it? Have you not known it? Do you not understand it? For even as it has always been, for by the blood of the covenant I had a nation. And My nation, the seed of Abraham, could not be kept out of their promised land by other nations and other peoples. In fact, I dispossessed nations of the property and gave My nation THE property that always belonged to them. And I brought them out of bondage, and I brought them out of obscurity, and I brought them out of lack, and I provided for them, and I brought them in. Even after many years, even after their own self wanderings - I brought them in, I brought them in.

Am I not a faithful God? Know ye not there is a nation within this nation? And it is no longer the natural seed of the sand on the seashore. It is Abraham’s seed - the stars of the sky. It is My Holy Nation, My royal people, My church, Mt. Zion, the city of a Living God. And I am raising up a mountain in this hour. And at the pinnacle of the peak of this mountain, I will establish My Throne. And all nations shall flow into it and the redeemed of the Lord shall walk there. And no unholy thing shall be there. And there shall be no curse there. And there will be a light shining so bright. They’ll be a glory shining so bright that even in the middle of this nation, it will be as if there is a nation within a nation. For in fact there is a nation within a nation, and there are a people of light and there’s a people of darkness and the people of darkness will never comprehend the people of light.

And there is a rising,

There is a rising.

And kings will come,

And nations will come,

And money will come,

And people will come

To the brightness of the rising of My nation.

And My nation shall arise in the midst of obscurity.

And My nation shall arise in the midst of liberal democracy.

And My nation shall arise as the Theocracy,

Following one voice, one God, one people, one Name.

And that Name shall arise and shall be proclaimed

Like the Liberty Bell ringing from sea to shining sea.

It will be a nation that preaches Jubilee.

And people will come out of darkness and into the light.

From the power of satan to the power of God.

For revival has already begun.

Do you not know it my daughters and sons?

For the clarion call and the trumpet has been blown.

For there is a harvest of many years off of seed that has been sown.

And now the crop is totally full grown.

Say not there are four months and then it shall be.

It shall start even now from Independence Day.

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And that Name shall arise and shall be proclaimed,

Like the Liberty Bell ringing from sea to shining sea.

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You’ll see that freedom shall begin to reign from pulpits and conferences and places and peoples, and houses and groups, and parachurch organizations. You shall see that I shall raise up some John the Baptist’s in the wilderness, I will also raise up the well-known in the city square. And it shall be from town to town, from village to village, from campus to campus, from college to college, I shall begin to sweep, even in the stadiums. And you shall see you are on the cusp of a great, great combine of the harvest of the ages. And I will sweep My harvest into My barn for I have My fan in My hand, saith The Lord. I have thoroughly purged the threshing floor. Prepare yourselves for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire. For My Fire and My cleansing purity and My glory will once again hit the church, remove the chaff from the wheat, remove the care and the doubt, and the drought. And it will remove the mixture and you will separate the precious from the vile, and the dross will rise to the top and great faith shall arise. For I have been building a people for years you know not of.

Do not succumb to the spirit of the prophets of old that said, “I am the only one.” No, saith the Lord! You are not the only one even as he was not the only one. For I said to him, “7,000 that you know not have not bowed the knee to baal.” And I say to you, thousands upon thousands that you know not have not bowed the knee to this demon spirit that is trying to take over their nation.

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There is a Nation within a Nation.

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For there is a nation within a nation and you’re not part of this natural nation, you just live here. But you are a nation. You don’t live in a nation, you are a nation, saith The Lord. So, nation of My people, rise up in My power, proclaim My Name, and take the land for I will prove I am the same. The tomb is empty, and My power shall reign. I am King of Kings and Lord of Lords, hear the Lion roar! He is roaring and calling all far and near, that the revival shall begin, and it will start this year!


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