Plastic Asphalt Roads By: Kaitlyn Reusch

Sea turtle trying to eat a plastic bag

Sea turtles are mistaking plastic trash as their food. Sometimes is causes blockage in their digestive system. Science shows that 50% of the sea turtle population take in plastic trash a year and another 15% of smaller turtles ingest an even bigger amount of plastic.

75.01% of plastic in beaches

Plastic roads mainly use plastic carry bags, disposable cups and PET bottles that are collected from garbage dumps as an important ingredient of the construction material.

Normal Asphalt Roads

Disadvantages of having plastic roads. The cleaning process with all the toxins in the used plastic, once the plastic is laid down on the ground it is harder to move, and once it rains the plastic may create a sticky layer on the ground.

Plastic Asphalt

The advantages of having plastic roads. There's no stripping or pot holes, an increase and binding and better bonding mix, it will last longer than average asphalt, and the cost of roads will decrease.

Asphalt covers more than 94% of the United States roads. The advantage of plastic asphalt is being able to get rid of plastic trash to build roads. Roads are something we relay on everyday. Plastic asphalt could last up to three years longer than normal roads with asphalt on them. For every 1 km x 3.75 m plastic road uses about 1 ton of plastic!

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