Member Notice Updates and Reminders - March 2019

The CDMC Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday, February 24 in Courtenay. 27 Members were in attendance along with 3 guests. Minutes from the meeting can be found on the CDMC Website - scroll to the bottom of the "About" page to find the 2019 Minutes link

Thank you very much to Donna & Tom and Dave & Anna for their presentations after the AGM. Learning about opportunities for hiking travel is always enjoyed, and gives us new ideas for making plans outside our usual hiking areas.
Your 2019 Board of Directors was elected at the AGM, and we are pleased to introduce ourselves to the members:

Juanita Wells

Juanita was the 2018 CDMC President, and joined the club in 2010. She has also led and co-led many of our club trips and events, including many work parties.

Janet Beggs

Janet joined CDMC in 2005. She has led and co-led many trips for the CDMC members, and looks forward to another great year of hiking with CDMC.

Kim Hewgill

Kim joined the CDMC in 2015 and was a member of the CDMC 2018 Board of Directors. Kim is a co-leader and welcomes the opportunity to support our trip leaders on hikes.

Petra Strougal

Petra became a CDMC member in 2014. She was a member of the 2018 Board of Directors. Petra has led and co-led many trips for the club.

Ed Tickner

Ed has been a CDMC Member since 2014 and is a leader and co-leader for our club trips. Ed was a member of the CDMC 2018 Board of Directors.

Julianna Wells

Julianna joined the club in 2012. She was previously a member on the board from 2013 - 2015. Julianna has led and co-led many trips for the CDMC.

Ken Rodonets

Ken joined the CDMC in 1988. He has been on the CDMC Board of Directors over several terms, including serving as the club president for many years in the past. Ken leads and co-leads many trips each year and is a driving force behind many of the club's work party events.

Your 2019 CDMC Board of Directors - Positions:

Juanita Wells (President), Janet Beggs (Vice-President), Kim Hewgill (Treasurer), Petra Strougal (Secretary), Ed Tickner (Director-at-Large), Julianna Wells (Director-at-Large), and Ken Rodonets (Director-at-Large).

We look forward to working together for the CDMC!

Important Notice:

Membership dues must be paid by end of day March 31, 2019. Members who have not paid their dues by April 1, 2019 will be removed from the CDMC Meetup page, will lose their place on any events they have signed up for, and will not be able to sign up for any further events until their dues are paid.

2019 CDMC Member Waivers are due now and MUST be completed in order to participate in any 2019 CDMC event. Trip leaders will have to remove participants who have not completed a waiver prior to the event.

Please take a moment now to submit your CDMC membership dues and complete your online 2019 CDMC waiver form at these links:

Please contact the CDMC Membership Coordinator at cdmcmembership@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns while completing your membership dues payments and/or online waiver.

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