Homework A 200 word challenge

Watch the video then use the questions to write a 200 word response using Adobe Spark Page. Aim for about 50 words per section.

What homework do you have to do and what do you think of it?

SHOULD HOMEWORK be replaced by acts of kindness in the community? How could such acts improve your community?

What acts of kindness would you choose to do if it was your homework?

What other alternatives to homework would you like to see your school introduce?

If you need a tutorial to help you get started with Spark Page, check out the video below.


Created with images by Annie Spratt - "Child completing maths homework" • Santi Vedrí - "Los niños de Guinea Ecuatorial se levantan cada día bajo una realidad que no es nada fácil. En el barrio Patio Pérez de Malabo, surge Verano Útil, una iniciativa para niños y niñas que busca ser un espacio de encuentro y de unión; una forma de ofrecer unas vacaciones diferentes a los que no tie- nen otras oportunidades; una opción para no estar en la calle, en un entorno peligroso, y un momento en el que poder divertirse y convivir con otros. Verano 2018." • Simon Ray - "untitled image" • Matt Collamer - "I met Michael in a Boston subway station. I told him I liked his sign. “What matters is what it means to you,” he told me. I asked what it meant to him. “Doing a deed or expressing kindness to another person without expecting anything in return,” Michael said. I love approaching strangers wherever I go. Listening and talking to them teaches you about people and how similar we all are to one another. Just like Michael, we’re all seeking human kindness." • Abigail Keenan - "Stretching before a run"