Into the Canyon Summer 2019 Newsletter of Friends of the Cheat

Sister Rivers exchange: New collaborative with conservation resource alliance

FOC staff introduce visiting CRA and DTE staff to the Cheat River Narrows

Friends of the Cheat is extending north! Northwestish. We have established a new collaboration with Conservation Resource Alliance (CRA), an established nonprofit corporation based out of Traverse City, Michigan. CRA, similarly to FOC, works with private landowners, along with governmental agencies and businesses, to enhance wildlife habitat, remove barriers to aquatic life (such as dams), conserve and beautify land, and improve/increase recreational use of waterways that span many, many watersheds. CRA is currently celebrating 50 years of conservation work in the northwestern part of their state.

CRA’s River Care program works much like FOC’s Cheat River Restoration program, in that it maps out areas in need of restoration or improvement, works with local landowners, designs the appropriate plans, finds funding, and executes the project. When working in a particular watershed, CRA often partners with more localized watershed groups like FOC. CRA is the type of organization that WV is lacking - a centralized conservation group aimed to support smaller nonprofits in working through ever-changing environmental policies, while maintaining effective communication with corporations and commercial land owners. The combination of nonprofits like CRA + smaller watershed groups, along with strong community and regional funding - is a blueprint for extended success in FOC’s respective fields. Through this partnership, FOC is hoping to learn how to be that supporting organization for our fellow watershed and outdoor recreation-focused nonprofits.

The catalyst for what has been dubbed the “Sister Rivers” Exchange is long-time CRA supporters, DTE Energy - based out of Detroit. The DTE Foundation has given millions of dollars within Michigan and throughout the nation to support environmental initiatives, arts and culture, and community transformation. FOC has had success partnering with energy corporations in the past; we’re exploring this new ground with open eyes.

Don't be offended - this is just the FOC and CRA groups flying the WV and MI hand signs before heading into the Cheat Canyon

Sister Rivers is a 3 phased project, that involves both CRA and FOC identifying what type of collaboration would best benefit both organizations, and would result in shared marketing, and extended visibility for both groups. We are in the midst of Phase 1 - the “getting to know each other” phase. CRA staff traveled to WV in late May and spent 4 days with our staff. FOC introduced them to every section of the Cheat River: they floated a section of the Cheat River Water Trail at the Preston County Meet the Cheat event, cut their whitewater teeth on the Cheat Narrows, and even tackled the world-class rapids of the Cheat River Canyon. We took them to our “Crown Jewel” of acid mine drainage treatment sites--Railroad Refuse, where water enters our system with a pH in the low 3’s (similar to vinegar) and exits a healthy 7. We showed them the devastation of abandoned mine lands at Lick Run Refuse and Portals and Fickey Refuse, where the wounds of decades of acid mine drainage shock and awe the senses--orange stained waters, metallic smells, and lack of signs of life were all present. Some staff were left in tears at the sight of the damage, and all had a newfound fire lit in their hearts for the work FOC has been committed to.

FOC and CRA staff visit Lick Run

While the exact dimensions of the collaboration are in flux, FOC is excited to learn from a nonprofit with 50 years of experience under its belt. CRA’s sustainable diversification of funding sources, and large scale, multi-year work plans have made the organization a highly competitive employer that is family oriented - with high employee retention rates, retirement plans, and fundraising incentives. While FOC is a competitive agency in our region, with benefit packages and incentives of our own, we also want to grow and evolve into the most successful organization we can be. Our 25th anniversary could not be a more opportune time to collaborate with CRA, take stock of their best practices and policies, compare and apply improvement to our own, and begin planning our next 25 years.

FOC & CRA at Fickey Run

Into the Canyon - Newsletter of Friends of the Cheat - Summer 2019

Board of Directors & Key Personnel

Amanda Pitzer, Executive Director; Owen Mulkeen, Associate Director; Madison Ball, Restoration Program Manager; Garrett Thompson, Recreation & Lands Manager; Valorie Dixon, Bookkeeper; Beth Warnick, Media and Outreach Specialist; Lauren Greco, Cheat Fest Coordinator

Board Members

Chair: Adam Webster, Vice Chair: Charlie Walbridge, Treasurer: Stratford Douglas, Secretary: Sarah Hinnant, Connie Miller, Ben Hogan, Rick Chaney, Zach Fowler, Michael Strager, Dani Martin, Rich Dennis, Lisa Maraffa

Thank you to all of our Cheat River Festival 5k and downriver race sponsors

Cheat Fest 5K Sponsors
Cheat Fest Downriver Race Sponsors
Shady Grove takes the stage. Photo by Heather Kessler.


by Lauren Greco

25 Years. It’s funny how certain numbers resonate more than others. This one -- a quarter of a century, the age of someone who has survived adolescence and acquired a fully developed pre-frontal cortex, the only denomination of coinage with real utility -- felt like a big milestone for Friends of the Cheat and for the festival. For us, it was a yard-stick against which we could so clearly see improvement in our watershed. The time from the mine blowout that prompted the first festival and the formation of FOC, to the anniversary where we celebrated restoration of that same tributary (Muddy Creek), 25 years embodies so much effort, creativity, energy and love put towards caring for this slice of heaven.

Path Yoga

For me, another number imbued with meaning this past year was two. My second time working with FOC and my second year organizing the festival. Returning to the Cheat offered me the gift of perspective to notice all of the growth that happens here over the short term. Many of the projects in progress when I was last at FOC have come to completion, and there are many new programs that were barely conceived of when I was here before. I am so damn excited to see all the new space created for work in the education and river access realms, and cannot wait to see the magic that I know will flow from this. In returning, I also saw so many familiar faces, staff and volunteers, whose commitment and focus embodies the immense value in rooting down in a place.

FOC staffers Amanda Pitzer and Beth Warnick with Keith McManus and Dave Ruediger

Returning to the festival for a second year was similarly gratifying. During my first go around in 2015, I felt like I was sprinting to keep up with the behemoth that was Cheat Fest; uncovering all of the mysterious yet crucial details and finding success in merely documenting what the event was. Having returned to the festival after its three years in the care of Ellie Bell, I had a markedly different experience. I felt all of the authenticity and life that comes from a community project, but with the structure and space that was desperately needed for an event of this size. This has given space for the organizers and volunteers to reflect, create and improve on things year after year in a way that wasn’t possible before.

FOC Donor Chip Chase and friends

This year we had upwards of 3,000 attendees, over 300 volunteers, and a rock star crew of Lead Volunteers, most of whom were folks who have been returning year after year (with a few notable new-comers who seriously stepped up!!). We raised the second highest sum of money in Cheat Fest history; funds that support the overhead and staff costs at Friends of the Cheat and provide stability in a way that grant funding can’t. We had a stellar line-up of bands whose gift of music breathed life into the weekend in a way that few other things can. We had a horrible forecast but, in my humble opinion, incredible weather. We had a perfect water level (which, by the way, promptly swelled the very next day). We had mud, but not too much. We had a great time. Well, I did.

Thanks all for being a part of it and I can’t wait to see your smiling faces again next year!

Photo by Gabe Dewitt

Original signatories of River of Promise

From left to right: Charlie Walbridge, Randy Robinson, Tom Nutter, Shelia Vulkovich, Dave Bassage, Troy Titchenell, Bill Thorne, Jim Snyder, Rick Buckley, Craig Mains, Frank Jernejcic, Larry Harris, Courtney Black, Peggy Pings, Paul Ziemkievwicz, Mykl Messer, and Amanda Pitzer. Photo by Heather Kessler.

There would be no Cheat River Festival without over 300 volunteers, and, at minimum, 1200 hours of work over 3 days. Thank you ALL.

Suhil Zia, Aaron Nemeyer, Abby Foster, Adam Webster, Alex Coffeman, Alex Gemme, Alexis Johnson, Ali Jeney, Alijah Bayer-Harding, Allie Smith, Allison Cutlip, Allyson Hoch, Alyssa Hunter, Amanda Bever, Amanda Butler, Amanda Pitzer, Amber Dawson, Amiee Bicanich, Amy Cullison Hall, Emy Estep, Amy Methany, Amy Skeens, Andrew Donato, Andrew Hirsch, Andrew Rhodes, Ankur Kumar, Anna Hess, Anna Withrow, Autumn Summers, Barry Adams, Barry Welling, Becky Brow, Becky Felton, Becky Miller, Ben Badger, Ben Glasser, Ben Hogan, Ben Mack, Ben Snyder, Beth Warnick, Betsy Radcliffe, Bill Fischer, Bill Pennington, Bill Schik, Birdie Hawkins, Bob Berhart, Bob Spangler, Branden Weekley, Brandi Fike, Brent Lewis, Brian Gordon, Brian Hurley, Brianna Hardinger, Brianna Jackson, Brooke Pridemore, Burt Nelson, Callie Cook, Carissa Herman, Carl Ervin, Carla Gette, Caroline Hamrick, Chad VanDenLangenberg, Charlie Walbridge, Chelsea Bricker, Chelsi Baker, Cheryl Martin, Cheryl Simmons, Cheyenne Hebb, Chip Chase, Chris Clark, Chris Felton, Chris James, Chris Morris, Chris Norbury, Christina Fox, Christina Parrish, Christina Thomas, Chistopher Lazzell, Cindy Bush, Clark Billups, Connie Ervin, Connie Miller, Dalton Minger, Daniel Henninger, Daniel Loeb, Daniel Miller, Danielle Thomas, Dave Billups, Dave Stephens, David Petry, Dave Ruediger, David Sokolov, Debbie Anderson, Derik Jones, Devon Koehler, Devra Deems, Don Sauter, Edgar Mercer, Ella Belling, Ellie Bell, Emily Janzow, Eric Cain, Eric Fizer, Eric Reynolds, Erin Hartman, Francesca Basil, Gabby Creevy, Garrett Thompson, Garrett Weigel, Gary St. Onge, Gary Sypolt, Georgia Sarantinoudi, Haley White, Haley Wilken, Hannah Hedrick, Hannah Snyder, Harrison Case, Heath Fitzpatrick, Heather Kessler, Holly Bradley, Holly Groves, Ian Hunt, Iris Allen, Isabella Cortes Lara, Ivonne Martinez, Jane Gandy Cullison, Janet Lenox, Janet Szilagyi, Janice Revetta, Jay Sowers, Jeff Alan Gette, Jeff Berry, Jeff Mitchell, Jeffrey Moe, Jen Brackman, Jen Damon, Jen Osha, Jessica Darlington, Jessica White, Jim Boyce, Jim Meckley, Jim Snyder, Joan Pitzer, Joe Firuta, Joellen Stivala, Joey Kimmet, John Hinnant, John Rivard, John Billups, John Snyder, John Tribble, Johnny Garder, Jon Glass, Jonathan Lazzell, Jorge Flores, Josh Bennett, Josh Buckner, Josiah Leisher, Justin Huber, Kaitlyn Pompil, Kaitlyn Snyder, Kalin Sherrill, Karl Albert, Kate Hannah, Katherine Billups, Katherine Olano, Katie Moran, Keegan Hazen, Keith Strausbaugh, Kelly Myers, Kelly Gladen, Ken Kingsley, Ken Neoh, Kendra Hatcher, Kerrie Gifford, Kristen Wickert, Kristie Bourdreau, Kyle Price, Ladd Williams, Laura Bayer, Lauren Horgas, Lauren Mattingly, Leigh Peret, Leigh Williams, Leon Gorboty, Lisa Maraffa, Liz Simons, Lorrie Leasure, Lynn Holtzer, Macey Rowan, Madison Ball, Malachia Evans, Mara Mazzocchi, Marcedes Minana, Margot Cerbone, Marissa Bennett, Mark Gavin, Mark Hare, Mark Tomasi, Mark Whetsell, Martin Christ, Mary Alice Truitt, Mary Luckini, Mary Ellen Hannah, Matt Shreve, Matthew Weiss, Megan Szczepanski, Michael Jacobs, Michael Revetta, Michal Jarnik, Michelle Paquette, Mike Shocker, Mike Blackburn, Mike Lee, Mike Moore, Mike Plevich, Mike Strager, Mike Swenson, Mitchell Gruver, Molly Gertnecker, Molly Kestner, Morgan Martin, Neal Dana, Nektaria Adaktylou, Nichole Friend, Nick Adams, Nick Revetta, Nico Dunbar, Nico Orologas, Nico Zegre, Olivia Olivito, Owen Mulkeen, Pat Parker, Holly Hartsell, Paul Meininger, Pete Avery, Phillip Avis, Phyllis Evans, Rachael Utz, Rachel Billie, Randy Revetta, Randy Whetsell, Reina Tyl, Rich Best, Rich Dennis, Rick Chaney, Rick Deberry, Rick Gucis, Rick Landenberger, Ricky Waybright, Rob Eckenrode, Robin Dean, Robyn Jones, Rowan Keifer, Ryan Albert, Ryan Harris, Ryan Kuehn, Ryan Lopez, Ryan Snyder, Ryan Sommerkorn, Samuel Landon, Sandy Greer Sara Guidi, Sarah Cayton, Sarah Cook, Sarah Cover, Sarah Dominsky, Sarah Glover, Sarah Hinnant, Sarah Lilly, Sarah Smith, Sarah Snyder, Shannon Kimmet, Shannon Waliser, Sharon Richwine, Sheila Berry, Silas Childs, Spencer Zuraski, Spring Kingsley, Steve Blades, Steve Matusic, Susan Bell, Susan Sauter, Tanya Dilan, Taryn Moser, Tawnya Drake, Tennyson Winters, Thomas Martin, Tiffany Lower, Tim Williams, Todd Fedak, Tom Bachelor, Tom Nutter, Tracy Buckman, Tyler Bowie, Tyler Moore, Valorie Dixon, Varian Mattingly, Wesley Moore, Will Keel, Will Lewis, Zach Fowler, Zachary Buckner.

New POster: The watersheds and wildlife of the cheat river

Poster is 24x36 inches. Design by Donnie Riggs.

Friends of the Cheat is excited to showcase our new educational poster: The Watershed and Wildlife of the Cheat River! This poster covers all the unique tributaries that flow into the Cheat. Did you know that water from iconic West Virginia landscapes such as Dolly Sods, Blackwater Falls, and Gaudineer Knob all flow to the Cheat River? Each tributary and sections of the main stem of the Cheat recieve their own highlights, including the unique species found there and prime recreational opportunities in each watershed.

Our overall goal of our new Poster is to allow a visual to incite knowledge and appreciation for the Cheat River watershed, and our next step is our poster campaign--FOC wants to see this poster in every science classroom that resides in the Cheat River watershed! By providing this free poster to educators in the Cheat, they may use it as a classroom tool or simply hang it on the wall for students to gaze at--who else remembers gazing at a classroom poster, unknowingly learning, during quiet time or waiting for the bell to ring?

We would love assistance getting in touch with and distributing posters to science teachers in the Cheat, if you are one or know one, please have them reach out to Madison at madison@cheat.org.

Posters will also be provided at no charge to those that attend our upcoming outreach events, including our Rowlesburg Snorkel Workshop outside of Rowlesburg on August 19th--to sign up check our Facebook Page for registration or email Madison at madison@cheat.org.

2018 Run For It Team FOC in Davis, WV.


Mark your calendars for September 28th - it’s time for the 2019 Run For It (RFI) race in beautiful Davis, WV. If you’ve been following along with FOC for the last few years, you’ll already know how much we love RFI. The race happens yearly during the Leaf Peepers Festival - and is So. Much. Fun.

Team Friends of the Cheat takes RFI pretty seriously. We run the mid-race High Five Station, and try to slap every hand that runs, walks, dances, rides in a stroller, or pads on by. We also have a great group of runners and walkers - and many dogs - that compete for FOC. We’re always looking for new team members - please contact Beth Warnick at bwarnick@cheat.org to join in!

Look for us on Thomas Ave!

This year, RFI funds will go towards our Cheat River Restoration program - through which we monitor and maintain our 19 acid mine drainage treatment systems, and devise watershed-based plans for impacted streams affecting the Cheat River mainstem. FOC recently installed a live data stream gauge in the famous Muddy Creek, which flows into the Cheat beside the Cheat Fest grounds. The stream gauge utilizes a radar level sensor to monitor water level and an AquaTroll 600 to monitor water quality parameters. Alerts are set to notify FOC when pH, turbidity, specific conductivity, and flow are at critical levels.

Click here to join TEAM FOC! Can’t make the race? You can still support Team FOC by donating to our team - or you can be a VIRTUAL RUNNER OR WALKER! What??

Just select Friends of the Cheat as your team of choice - we can’t wait to see you there!

Photo by Kent Mason

2019 Meet the Cheat Events

On June 1st and 9th, 2019, FOC and the Cheat River Water Trail Committee (CRWT) hosted the popular Meet the Cheat events - in collaboration with Blackwater Outdoor Adventures, West Virginia Land Trust, and Preston County Parks and Recreation Commision. Collectively, over 400 participants floated 12 miles of the water trail.

Attendees at the Preston County event enjoyed a complimentary picnic provided by the Rowlesburg Park, and lawn games organized by PCPaRC. Guests at the Tucker County event enjoyed a post paddling picnic, with beer donated by Mountain State Brewing, pizza and wings from CJ’s Pizzeriaand and Parsons Pizza, homemade chicken BBQ from CRWT committee members Dave and Pam Ruediger, and salads and drinks from Whitegrass and CRWT committee member Janet Preston.

News of our fantastic water trail is traveling all over! The CRWT was recently the featured story of the June issue of Smoky Mountain Living magazine, based out of Asheville, NC. To keep the water trail usable for locals and out-of-towners, you can pick a CRWT map at the Tucker County CVB, BOA outpost, FOC office, and many Welcome Centers in Tucker, Preston, and Randolph counties. Remember, you can always go to cheatriverwatertrail.org for all your float trip needs.

The Meet the Cheat events grow in attendance every year! If you or your business would like to get involved with these great community events, contact FOC staffer Beth Warnick at bwarnick@cheat.org for more details. See you on the water!

All photos by Kent Mason.

A Huge Thank You to our Donors and Sponsors

Cheat Watershed Sponsors - Walbridge Family Foundation, Charlie Walbridge, Margaret Walbridge, Eliza Walbridge

Swim Guide Sponsor - Triton Construction, Inc.

Cheat River Sponsor - Patrick & Lisa Ward

Stream Stewards - The Reed Foundation, Robert Uram, Susan & Donald Sauter, David Brisell, Thomas & Hope Covey, Stratford Douglas, Toddi Steelman & Joe Sinsheimer, John & Emy Hinnant, Mitchell Stickler, Szilagyi Family Foundation, Vickie Jenkins, Paul & Betty Connelly

Canyon Contributors - Jeanne & Josh Kaufman, Bob Gedekoh, Robert Moore, Keith Strausbaugh & Ivonne Martinez, Cathy Hagedorn, Hartley Insurance, Black Bear Burritos, Jennifer Sass & Mike Graham, Lake Lynn Generation

Narrows Navigators - Allan & Millie Karlin, Anonymous, Miriam & Robert Miller, Joe & Judith Knisely, Marc Glass, Edward Hughes, Jay Mullen, Kenneth Gfoerer, Chip Chase, Randy Masinter & Family, Sam Stewart, Casey Loose, Jay & Marcy Myers, Charles & Kathryn Lilly, The Book Exchange

Confluence Crew - Susan Gordon, Robert Alexander, Martha Ferris, David Poli, Daniel McGough, Jeff & Adanna Richman, Art & Erin Barket, Roger & Linda Abrahams, Stephanie & Rick Chaney, Jill Wallace, Roger & Melinda Shrout, Rachel & Carl Hagedorn, Mitchell Hartley, Steve Clear, James Scott, Sarah Cunningham, The Revetta Crime Family, Kingwood Eagles AFOE #2391

Five Forks Friends - Kingwood Pharmacy, Meredith Kiger, Brian Hayes, Colleen Caldwell, Tom & Darinda Westbrook, Allyson Hoch, Christopher Lubic, Shannon Phares, The Ferris Family, Dan Henninger, Mary Rae & Steve Benson, Jane & Steve Andraka, Michael McCarty, Lisa Dailey, Andrew & Jenny Sodomick, John & Kathy Billups, Kelly Bridges, James Nardozzi, Shelley Mitchell, Michael & Margaret Cole

Good Ole Friends - Diana Scott, John Leatham, Nancy Hoffman, Michael Jacobs, Rod Cavanaugh, Dianne Craft, Ned & Diane Sawyers, Carolyn DeVenney, Chelsi Baker, Cat Volkmann, Vincent Farsetta, Meredith Dreistadt, Fred Jacoby, Jamie Fenske, Rae Cramer, Randy Jones, Cindy Livengood, Kati Baker, Torey Siebart, Alexander Ritter, Brian Herb, Jane Birdsong, Lizbeth Pyle, Toni Hartley, Donna Showalter, Kim McMichael, Diane & Ed Rader, Shelia Daugherty, Nico & Sera Zegre, D. Brent Cassell, Kevin Hughes, Gene & Sylvia Eaborn, Helene Scalliet, Jeff Clement, Barbara Horn, Paul & Barbara Bauer, Vicky Shears, Milan Rusnak, LeJay & Helen Ann Graffious, Greg Weeter, Nori Onishi, Emily Carlson, Scot Meadows, Nikki Forrester, Charlie Yuill, Jordan & Lindsey Rinehart, Alexander Karakosta, Jenny & Andrew Woodworth, Karen Adams, Greg & Cathi Susa, Rachel Utz, John Zevenbergen, Frank & Barb Slider, Grant Larouche, Sam Hess, Jennifer Cooper, David Ramsay & Jean Smith, Bill Fischer, Grace Larson, Joan Doris, D. Courtney & Lauri Black, Tim Adams, Luc & Leigh Peret, Mike Safran, The Earle Family, Sharon Brescoach & Losh Schweiker, Ted Kisko, Bryan Moll, Barry Welling, Clint & Eileen Harvey, Michelle Paquette, Dylan Jones, Michael Bradley, Marie Krause, Peter Giacobbi, Brian Noklerby, Neal Dana, Aaron Oxenrider, Andrew Horton, Chris Kaczmarczyk, Jason Jaros, Peter Galik, David Talmage & Fern Abrams, Jeanne & George Bell, Mike & Suzanne Peddicord, Gerald Stehman, Chris Roth, Clark Billups, Kelli & Justin Reedy, Meghan Hubbard, David Petry, Samuel Hubbard, Teresa Brink, Austin Clark, Stephanie Davis & Keith Nolan, Deanna Hoard & Jeff Blosser, Ben & Kendra Hogan, Mike Kirby, Zane Proctor, Autumn Summers, Carly Wears, Sarah Friend, Marion & Penny Kostka

Whitewater Access Donors - Timmy Allen, Alan Andrews, David Aries, Dave Bassage, Robert Baudoux, Peter Bernstein, Nori Onishi, Nathaniel Blick, Jeremy Blum, Joe & Katie Boyd, Eric Brooks, Peter Bross, Geoff Calhoun, Simon Chavez, Pat Rivers, Paul Cline, Dan Coe, Philip Coleman, Michael & Margaret Cole, Sandrine Deglin, Carolyn DeVenney, Stratford Douglas, Steve Draper, Ken Durr, William Durr, Elijah Evans, Todd Fedak, Scott Ferrari Adler, Marcy Fleeharty, Jennifer Franko, Gwendolyn Fritsche, John Griffin, John Harvey, Kelly & Keith Heasley, Eric Henrickson, Charles Hihn, Chris Holladay, Matthew Hood, David Hough, Edward Hughes, Thomas Hungar, Christine Iksic, Nick Ingalls, Chris Iverson, Michal Jarnik, Adam Johnson, Jeanne & Josh Kaufman, Keel Haulers Canoe Club, Chris Kirkman, Steve Ingalls & Anne Kmieck, Joseph Knecht, Christina Kossis, Larry Krall, Katie Lemmert, Jeff Macklin, David Maribo, Michael McCarty, Tom McCorkle, Matthew McMillian & Chelsey Greaser, Kelly Miller & Brent Laubaugh, David Milrod, Robert Moore, Donna Morgan, Eric Morris, Fern & Rita Mulkeen, Sean O’Malley, Paul Potochniak, Nicole Rothdeutsch, Steven Runfola, Michael Rzesutock, Mike Safran, Helene Scalliet, David Sibley, Doug Smith, Cathy Summers, Doug Szczublewski, Three River Paddling Club, Graham White, Steven Whitmer, Bonnie Wisdom, Aaron Young, John Zevenbergen, Ryan VanderKooy, Jim Murtha, Scott & Maureen Patton, Tyler Rosini, Chicago Whitewater Association


8/18/19 - FOC August Snorkel Event - Hannahsville Ford - Register Here

8/24/19 - Cheat Lake Regatta - Cheat Lake, WV

9/3/19 - Rowlesburg Labor Day Ox Roast - Rowlesburg, WV

9/15/19 - Deckers Dash 5K - Marilla Recreation Center - Morgantown, WV

9/28/19 - Run For It 5k - Davis, WV

10/24/19 - River of Promise Quarterly Meeting, 10:30am - Mon County Health Department, Morgantown, WV

Interested in joining Preston Rail-Trails Committee (PRTC) - email bwarnick@cheat.org

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