Facebook Angela kurkova

Facebook is a type of social media where users can post comments share photos and videos. Everything you share can be shared publicly. But if you don't want share your photos and videos publicly you can pick a group of people that you share to. Or you could share with only one person.

Facebook was made in February 2004. It began as a school based social network in Harvard University. Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg and Edward Saverin; they were students at that college. Later not only Harvard students had Facebook. Colleges in Boston areas and Ivy League schools had Facebook. A high school version of Facebook was created in September 2005. In October the United Kingdom joined to have Facebook. Also in December Facebook was in colleges in Australia and New Zealand.

Facebook accessibility expands to select companies including Microsoft and Apple. In 2006 Facebook opened to anyone 13 years and older. They overtook MySpace and it closed down because people stopped using it.

In 2008 Facebook made a thing called Facebook Connect, which competed with OpenSocial and Google+ as a universal login authentication service. Facebook is important because it attracts both people and businesses. Facebook's popularity has made it a new site for digital criminals, which is obviously bad.

Not all about Facebook is good. There are a couple reasons it is bad. One of the reasons it is bad is that it makes you think like you are not to cool or your life is not as good as every one else's. Facebook can lead you to DSM-V a diagnostic and statistical manual of internet addiction.


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