our learners need & deserve the best

but the investment we make in our learners is not always equal

Which of these students deserves our full investment? And who is less deserving of our commitment to excellence?
Every day we are choosing to invest more in some learners than in others.
We make a significant investment in our full-time faculty each year.
Yet many institutions lack professional learning requirements for adjunct faculty.
Many also lake a network of support for adjunct faculty.
Sadly, this results in learners who may not feel adequately supported.
Data from previous semestres indicate that the retention rates and success rates of adjunct faculty are significantly lower on average than those of full-time faculty...
But data shows us that adjuncts who participate in sustained, ongoing professional learning opportunities experienced a significant increase in both retention rates and success rates of their learners.
We need to invest in our adjunct faculty.
Our learners are worth the investment.


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