A Year inTransition MGA President's Report for 2020 ~ Robin potter

Winter 2020: An Unusual Beginning to the Year

Spring 2020: COVID-19 Restrictions Begin

An Interim Committee Forges a Path Forward

Carmela Casuccio, Pat Durst, Donna Galbraith, Linda McIntosh, Robin Potter, Jean Rennie, Lynn Ross, Ruth Toy, Vera Walton, Lynda Warne

Special thanks to Susan Wiesz for her contributions.


To support our members through the pandemic and keep them connected

To increase our membership

Our Strategy

  • Extend our offerings into the summer
  • Offer free programming: online critiques and plein air painting
  • Create online shows
  • Reinvigorate our social media presence
  • Improve our communications and outreach, including updating the website and launching our newsletter
  • Plan for great online fall programming


63% increase in membership

From 35 to 65 members



Morgan Park Pool Building Mosaic; Linda McIntosh, Project Lead

Online Shows

  • Carmela Casuccio, Show Director
  • Ruth Toy, Social Media Coordinator
Painting by Robin Potter

22 artists: 44 paintings


Painting by Caroline Freemont

52 artists; 92 paintings; 51 selected by Suzanne Metz, juror

Painting by Rebecca Shaw; Plein Air sessions coordinated by Pat Durst

11 artists; 29 paintings

21 artists; 40 paintings


Thank you to hosts Lynn Ross and Susan Weisz.
Art Card Challenge for Markhaven Home for Seniors; Pat Durst, Coordinator

15 artists; 80 cards

Members Meetings--Online

  • Sheila Davies Beyond the Easel
  • Jill Segal Taking the Mystery Out of Mediums and Gels
  • Sharon Kirsh Mixed Media for Play and Joy


  • Ruth Toy Portraiture and Figurative Drawing Workshops

Thank you both: Vera Walton, Programming Director, (assisted by Carmela Casuccio)

Looking Ahead. . .

MGA@40: A Year of Celebration

Gradual emergence from COVID-19 restrictions:

  • In person meetings outdoors starting in the spring
  • In person, in door programming anticipated for the fall

Winter: Online demos focusing on watercolor painting, pencil on wood, and oil painting

Shows: Markham Theatre, McKay House, and other venues as they open up; and, of course, continuing online

Online and in-person critiques; planning for some that will be professional artist-led sessions

Spring and summer plein air

MGA@40 projects

Funding Requests

  • Markham Celebrates Grant for our MGA@40 projects
  • Resilient Communities Fund (Trillium Foundation) for recovery and operational funding

Reaching Further

We have hired a university intern through Riipen to advise us on how to improve our marketing efforts


To increase our membership to 100-125 in the coming year and to extend our reach into the community and beyond

Making It Happen

  • Adviser: Jean Rennie
  • President: Robin Potter
  • Vice President & Shows Director: Carmela Casuccio
  • Secretary & Plein Air Coordinator: Pat Durst
  • Treasurer: Lynda Warne
  • Programming Director: Vera Walton
  • Newsletter & Email Communications: Linda McIntosh
  • Website Manager: Linda McIntosh, transitioning to Laurel Martin in January 2021
  • Social Media Coordinator: Ruth Toy
  • Membership Registrar: Pamela Dey
  • Critiques Hosts: Lynn Ross & Susan Weisz
  • Publicity: Robin Potter (interim role)


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