The ferry with the giant hot dogs Traveling by ferry from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia

Marine-Atlantic Ferry - Day Trip on the Caribou

Lodging: The Clansman, N. Sydney, NS, CA

Food: Restaurant within hotel (naturally)

Joke of the Day:

A giraffe walks into a bar, and announces, “The High-Balls are on me.”

These are the jokes, folks.

There’s not much to report for our voyage from Channel Port-Aux-Basques, as we spent the day aboard the M/V Caribou.

We arrived almost two hours early, they recommend 90 mins, and spent the extra time we had cleaning those parts of the car the car wash had missed the day before. While at Dollarama, we picked up paint brushes, washcloth, and car wipes. There we were cleaning dirt off our car after having just told the inspector that we didn’t have anything with Newfie soil on it.

Technically we didn’t; it was Labrador soil.

Detailing the rental car, we kept wondering if other cars were going to pull and ask for the same service.

Once on board, the highlights included the jumbo hot dog platter and Newfie dancing. Sadly, I don't have any pictures of the Newfie dancing.

We took the M/V Caribou, which was a perfectly adequate vessel. The cafeteria is large with plenty of options. There is typical fare such as hamburgers, fish & chips, and the jumbo hot dog platter ... as well as daily specials, which for our voyage included: cod, meatloaf, and roast beef among others.

Now, about the jumbo hot dog platter. The hot dog is, well, jumbo. The bun is the surprising part ... it’s a bun with a hole in the center that runs the length of the dog. There is no slit where the top of the dog is available for condiments, it’s skewered.

Hot Dog Snuggly in a Bun Made Just For It

The food server will ask which condiments you would like, and will then squirt them into the center of the bun, which has been warmed on special heating rods.

We enjoyed a band of two men who expertly played their instruments, including an electric violin, and sang a compilation of folk and country songs. One folk song was Little Boats of Newfoundland. And the next song didn’t have any words, but two Newfie woman got up and did a jig. Everyone was clapping to the beat, and enjoying the combined show.

Before we knew it, we were back on the mainland. Sad ... despondent ... and scratching our fly bites.

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