Norway by: Joshua Eckert

Norway is at the northern part of Europe. This a locator map to find it.

The Flag of Norway


Physical Features-

This is the area of the Scandinavian Mountains. They are mostly located in the middle of Norway. That means their major cities are along the coast.

This is a close-up of the mountains.

The ports and coasts in Norway help with economy.

Beautiful night skies also bring many tourists.

Lofoten is a port in northern Norway. As you can see it is amazing for fishing with the many bodies of water.

Oslo, Norway holds the Nobel Peace Center. This is where the Nobel Peace Prize is given out.

Maps -

Norway is part of the 5 scandivian countries.



The Norwegian language (or Norsk) is a north Germanic language. This is an example of the Norwegian language.


Their religion is Evangelical Lutheran Christianity. 72.9% of their population belongs to that religion.


Their main food source is fish. Some of the types of fish include Saithe, Haddock, Cod, Pollock, Ling, Torsk, Whiting, Flatfish, Halibut, Mackerel, Eels, Catfish, Anglerfish, Conger ell, Sea trout, Salmon, Brown trout, arctic char.


Football is one of the most popular sports in Norway. They are in 5th place out of 6 in their division.(UEFA Group C). Their are no championships.

Skiing is the other most popular sport in Norway. Some types of skiing include cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, backcountry skiing, freestyle skiing, telemark skiing, and adaptive skiing.


Norwegian music nowadays includes Electronic and Dance, but their folk music included instruments such as a bukkehorn, a harpeleik,a langeleik,a lur,a seljefl√łyte, a willow flute,a tungehorn and a Melhus


This is a Norwegian folk dance example.


This is the tradition Norwegian clothing.


Norwegian houses sometimes have grass roofs like this one. Sometimes the look like this.

Head of Government-

King Harald V of Norway.


Early History-

The Sami People were the first natives of Norway.

Later History-

The Vikings were around the 700s-1066. The Vikings were explorers that went to many places to find new land. They settled in many places such as, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Scotland, Greenland, and Canada.

The Black Death spread to Norway in a weird way. A ghost ship floated towards Norway and held the disease. In six months, the disease finally left.


On April 9th 1940, Norway became under German occupation. On May 8th 1945, Norway was liberated.


This is King Olav V. He is the former king of Norway.

This is Alan Walker. He is a famous musician.

This is Erna Solberg. She is the prime minister of Norway.

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