Leadership alicia martin

Advertising art director/Graphic designer

Advertising directors work with companies to create ideas for marketing. They create digital art for companies eg. logos or websites, graphic design or even storyboards. I enjoy creating and spend a lot of my time creating digital images and art.


An animator's job would be creating character, rooms, items and the process of creating the animation of a movie or show. This is my dream job. There are very limited jobs in this career and most often people would need to relocate to large cities. I enjoy creating character designs, it purely focuses in the art aspect, all of what I really enjoy.

Vet tech

A vet tech assists the veterinarian. They work by assisting during surgeries, holding the animals, cleaning the rooms/cages, walking and feeding the animals. I love animals and love to study animal behavior. Except I know I'm not quite interested in being a surgeon so a vet tech would be a milder job that lets me still get to work with what I love.

Out of these careers I think advertising art director, is a more realistic career option for me. In advertising roles, you take the idea from the customer and use your ability, creativity and art skills to come up with a product based on sometimes general ideas given by your customer. Working alongside others I would need excellent communication and listening skills.
Listening skills would be essential so I can understand what someone is looking for As this career works around producing criteria for others and working with what they would like for their company. Often sometimes listing for small ideas in the coversations to help create from. Communication skill are also highly needed. Making sure I can explain my ideas, but more important that I can interpret the client so that I create what they want or have an idea to start the creative product.
This career still ties in with art, specifically graphic art and design which I enjoy doing on daily basis, there may be greater options for career work, in advertising starter or entry level jobs. Companies selling products, printing companies, newspaper, magazines even health care needs advertising. For example marketing can be seen by public health in the social media marketing for flu shots.
Credits useful for this career would be things like art, computer science and business. In this career you would use skills around art for creating graphic art pieces like logos or so it's important to understand artistic aspects that would be useful for the job along with knowing more about computers as the art is done digitally using computer software. It's also a large part in marketing and business. Knowing how to create advertisements and websites that grab a specific audience and creating easy to read and follow criteria would be of use.
Steps to lead to this career would be to work on different artistic abilities, specifically understanding of digital equipment and producing digital media. Knowing business aspects of advertising and media are also important in steps to becoming an advertising art director. You would also need to be able to be critiqued, accept criticism, take feedback and be okay to make changes for what someone wants. One of the top schools I found that offers classes for this career was Humber college, lakeshore campus.
Ways I can be a good leader and show peer support in my school is by being a good example. Get my work finished in time and stay focused during school projects. I could also persuade others to continue to work on projects they need finished if they are not being on task. My one friend sometimes slacks in her school studies and I try my best to stay on top of her to make sure she's making the right decisions to get her work finished.
We can use peer support and leadership skills by volunteering, and devoting time to help a cause or even just small helpful things someone would appreciate. There are quite a few volunteer opportunities in our community. You could become an assistance for helping teach and to energize the younger kids in sport leagues or even help out at day clubs for cooking or art. A lot of opportunities for kids my age would be to work with younger kids as they need to be kept entertained. There are also other opportunities like helping out at youth centers, starting up games and activities. For instance St. Marys has dodge ball and bridge.
I have volunteered to help with the St. Marys fire department breakfast that happens every May, as my dad is a firefighter, so i know how much work it is and how many extra people they need to help out to make it successful. Most of my job was cleaning trays and taking out trash but it's always super busy and there was never a pause in what we were doing.
Humber college is a hands on career-focused learning school that has a great graphic design program. This college has opportunities to get out and volunteer throughout the Toronto area.

As an upper year student at Humber you can volunteer to mentor new students transition into college life or mentor high school students who are enrolled in the dual credit program. Knowing a lot of what we learned in this course with communication and listening skills would be useful to this volunteer or paid opportunity as this is a form of peer support.

Other opportunities that could give me job experience are available too. Currently there is an opportunity for a Marketing and communications coordinator for a youth hockey charitable organization. Updating their social media sites like Facebook, twitter and other media platforms. Help develop short and long-term content and assist in planning and running events.

I believe that I have good listening skills, I have become more skilled in listening and hearing what others have to say. I demonstrated this often while working in group projects. I would pay attention to what others had to say and look at their ideas more than contributing the ideas that I had for what we were working on.

listener, understanding, welcoming

I feel these few adjectives describe me as a leader. I'm always welcoming to new people and welcome people to join me in what i'm doing. I am better at listening to what one has to say than speaking out about something. I find it easier to sit down and listen than to sit down and talk, my listening quality is stronger. I am very understanding towards people and would always give someone a second chance.

The colour type of leader I am was the green and I was also a left sided thinker as well. I find the descriptions of these types to be a pretty close representation of myself. A green leader lives by their own standards and are perfectionists. I enjoy doing things on my own, and don't mind if I do things a little different than other people. Being left minded means you think more critically. I always find myself over thinking situations and planning things out, making these definitions suit me.
During this leadership course I have improved my communication skills and am very proud of how far I've come. I have become more comfortable speaking to others that I don't know very well. I do still struggle to chat with complete strangers, but I am trying to work on this skill. This course has already been useful to me. It has helped with presentations that I have had to present during my English class. My English teacher even spoke to me about how much i have improved over the course which I am very proud of! I don't feel as much pressure on me while presenting anymore so I'm very thankful for this course for my improvement in communication.

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